Hillary’s judged by a sexist standard

Poor Hillary Clinton. I’m no great fan of hers, but I can see  that she’s getting pretty shabby treatment from some pundits simply because of her gender.

Witness the situation with Saturday night’s Democratic presidential debate in New Hampshire. At one point in the proceedings,  Clinton got a little stern with her opponents. It was no big deal, really, but it prompted some critics to imply that perhaps Hillary  should be heavily sedated and  committed to a rest home.

ABC’s Jake Tapper was SHOCKED, SHOCKED by Clinton’s great “anger.” And more than a few other observers — THIS GUY , for example — argued that the episode was nothing less than a humiliating “meltdown.”

If a man had said what Hillary said in the way she said it, he’d be praised as one who isn’t going to take unfair criticism without fighting back.  Ah, but a woman isn’t supposed to act that way.

As I saw it, Clinton wasn’t especially angry and certainly didn’t suffer a meltdown.

Check it out:

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