GOP hack Mary Matalin says global warming is an ‘unscientific hoax’


Republicans like Matalin are strangely inclined to COME UNGLUED at any suggestion that humans are causing global warming — no matter that most scientists hold that view.

POSTSCRIPT: But then, most Republicans also REJECT any theory of evolution. Let’s face it: The GOP is the party of make-believe (global warming is unscientific, but creationism is science; John Kerry is not a war hero, but George W. Bush is; John Wayne was a man’s man because that’s what he was in the movies; Ronald Reagan reduced the size of the federal government, despite his record to the contrary; military people and their families support the war in Iraq, no matter the evidence that many of them don’t; etc., etc.) It’s a faith-based party, not a reality-based party.



  1. coldhotel

    Never could understand what Carville saw in this woman.

  2. To be truly accurate…shouldn’t it be called Climate Change? All scientists know for sure is that we are increasing the level of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere . There are way too many variables to prove it is causing global warming. Scientists can’t even forecast Hurricanes correctly yet nor differentiate sun spots impact on the statistics. And what about China, India, Russia…..they produce more co2 gasses than the USA. After Obama is elected and we leave the middle east to itself, we will have no oil to produce those deadly gasses anyway…and everyone will become vegans thus reducing those deadly bovine gasses….eliminating the need for Illinois farmers in the Northern Counties….cool. Hope! I can’t wait?

  3. Pat, you can’t just make up stuff and then complain that the Republicans make up stuff.

  4. Tom: What’d I make up?

  5. You forgot the old saw about the GOP supports our troops and the reality:

  6. Yep Hokumboy…the same government administrations (despite republican or democratic presidents) that can’t keep up with immigration paperwork….will be the same government that administers Obama’s new health care program….and other social programs of HOPE!!!.

  7. Kaus: Despite your assertion, the Department of Immigration and Customs Enforcement would NOT be running any new health-care program. Some of you conservatives think of the government as a monolith of incompetence. It’s not. Take Social Security, for example. It’s the largest, most popular and best-run social welfare program in the world.

  8. Nobody, not even the Republicans, considers GWB a war hero. He was just one of the millions who served during the Cold War between the US and USSR, a conflict that by its nature didn’t produce war heroes. As for Kerry, he severely overplayed his hand on that whole “War Hero” thing.

    Most Republicans aren’t Creationists, don’t care what the size of the government was during Reagan’s term, and don’t worship John Wayne. They find all those “Global Warming” arguments to be less than convincing, without becoming “unglued”.

  9. Gee Pat, I wouldn’t know about Social Security….it has been a one way street….out of my pocket into the government coffers….maybe I will be lucky when I’m FINALLY your age to collect some of it. By the way….the Federal government IS monolithic…..

  10. Man-made global warming IS a hoax. What would you say caused the end of the last ice age? It certainly wasn\’t man warming the planet.

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