When are McCain, Clinton and Obama going to address the pothole problem?


That phone ringing in the White House at 3 a.m. might well be me calling to find out when the president or somebody is going to fix the potholes that dot American streets and roads by the tens of millions.

Why isn’t this an issue in the presidential race? The problem is much more widespread than I had suspected.  Even the City of Honolulu in Hawaii is facing a $70 million tab to fix its potholes.  Hawaii?  I had always thought that potholes required winter weather to develop.  Not so, apparently.

If either John McCain or Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama would simply promise voters that something will be done about these street craters, he or she would win in a landslide.

I write this in anger, of course, because my car is in a repair shop this morning and will cost me $400 to fix.



  1. Gee Pat…there are US roads, State Roads, County Roads, City Roads…..don’t you have any pull with your corrupt Democratic friend Blago ?

  2. Understand this, Kaus: I am not a friend of, backer of or voter for every Democrat who comes down the pike. I’ve been a split-ticket voter for most of my adult life, but less so in recent years (mainly because of a dearth of acceptable Republican candidates). Independence comes naturally. I grew up in era when most Democrats were racists or corrupt or both. Of course, that was back when the Republican establishment was classy and fairly liberal (wildly liberal compared to today’s crop of GOP loonies). Now, as for Blago, I think he’s a disaster. But regarding the roads, I don’t care whose responsibility they are, I want a president who’s going to jawbone on this pressing issue. Hey how about this catchy platform slogan?: Outlaw potholes and legalize pot. Ron Paul, are you following along here?

  3. When it comes to being an expert on Pot, Obama is your man!

  4. Why would you say Obama is “an expert on pot”? Because he smoked some as a kid? Who didn’t? (By the way, even your idol Bill Buckley partook of a little wacky tobacky.)

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