Here’s a centrist view on separation of church and state


THIS GUY says the First Amendment allows for “a fair amount of church-state mingling.”

I’m not sure I agree with his take on the matter, but the points he makes are provocative.

POSTSCRIPT: THIS POLL from last summer shows that most Americans are wildly ignorant of the historical facts about the Founding Fathers, religion and the Constitution.



  1. Mr. Baseball

    Good backround post on the issue. The Poll, though, is scary. The ignorance of so many Americans on this issue is appalling, and It’s amazing that so many who call for “strict construction” of the constitution don’t have a clue as to what it actually says. It’s the same as the controversy a few years ago over the judge who installed a copy of the ten commandments at a courthouse. I guess it just depends on whose religion is being separated.

  2. Once again, you’re right, Mr. B. You should get your own blog (not that you’re not always welcome here). I’m serious. I’d go nuts in your comments sections.

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