Is not what’s good for the goose also good for the gander?


The media are in high dudgeon these days, and rightly so, over Hillary Clinton’s failure to make public her tax returns.

But, as Jamison Foser explains HERE, the pundits have nary a word to say about John McCain’s failure to make public his tax returns.

McCain, you see, is a darling of the media. (But don’t tell Republicans about that.  It’ll just confuse them.  They think the media love only Democrats.)



  1. Mccain not releasing his tax returns?

    Uhhh…There is a lot of time between now and November. Last time I checked, tax returns aren’t due till April 15th….
    we already know he’s wealthy And he has already locked up the Republican nomination. He doesn’t need the edge. If the primaries were close betweeen Huckabee, Mit and Mccain, talk about tax returns would have come up in February for the “evil” republican party.

    Since Obama is working hard to screw up his nomination, he should probably worry about the dirt on Hillary, not Mccain anymore.

    I trust the NYT to come out with more ‘bad Mccain stories’ (stories not fact) regardless of which media you think is giving him a pass.

  2. Pat- the so called love affair between McCain and the MSM will end when they discover he actually has pretty decent Conservative credentials. The Media only developed a fondness for him when he seemed to delight in sticking his thumb in the eye of the Bush Administration or the Conservative movement in general.
    If he hasn’t released his returns I assume he will and he should.
    The Clinton’s do have a history of stonewalling on returns until the damage is done. Remember their release of returns prior to the 92 election? Conveniently, they didn’t release the returns showing Hillary’s magical Cattle Futures returns until after the election. That kind of history does make one suspect.

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