The Media and McCain — A Love Story


The mainstream media’s favors to John McCain are now numerous enough to fill a whole BOOK.

Oh, and let’s not have it said that the media love McCain because he’s a liberal.  That’s just silly. His overall voting record in the Senate is INDISPUTABLY CONSERVATIVE.



  1. Mr. Baseball

    It seems abundantly clear to me that the Republicans overall seem to be able to play the mainstream media much better than the Democrats, which is to the Republicans’ credit. For some reason, negative issues pertaining the Democrats seem to linger much, much longer. And some get turned around completgely. Just how was it during the 2004 campaign that the military service records of George Bush and John Kerry ended up being a plus for Bush?
    I have no animosity towards McCain and I believe he is the best of the Republican candidates. I’m an independent who supports Obama. But if Obama or Clinton had the number of lobbyists in their campaigns that McCain does, and had the appearance of a conflict of interest that McCain has with the telecommunications industry, it would continue to be a major story. Maybe it will surface again after the conventions, but so far it’s not getting much traction.

  2. And then there’s the matter of McCain’s countless flip-flops (taxes, torture, various aspects of the Iraq war, etc.).

  3. Gentlemen-I believe this is called Projection.
    Anyone watching the coverage with anything close to an objective eye is embarrassed by the orgasmic coverage of Obama. I will grant that Clinton’s coverage is primarily negative but she has gotten it the old fashioned way. She earned it.
    McCain’s so called popularity came from the perception-real in a number of cases-where he seemed to intentionally poke his finger in the eyes of Conservatives.
    Don’t worry, when reporters actually discover that McCain is a Conservative, as Pat references above, the coverage will revert to the normal negative reporting of the MSM to anything Conservative.
    Blast Away.

  4. Mike: What “orgasmic coverage of Obama”? Do you mean when the media raise these questions:

    Is he a Muslim?
    Is he black enough?
    What about Tony Rezco?
    How about those “present” votes in the Illinois Senate?
    Does his wife hate America?
    Why didn’t he quit Rev. Wright’s church? (Oh, and have you seen our 10,000th airing of the Rev. Wright’s tapes?)
    Hey, do you know he used to do cocaine?
    How about that middle name, huh?

  5. Pat “Anyone watching the coverage with anything close to an objective eye is embarrassed by the orgasmic coverage of Obama. ” but I repeat myself.

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