Hillary plays patty-cake with the creeps who slurred her family


Hillary Clinton is ALL CHUMMY these days with billionaire crackpot Richard Mellon Scaife, who financed some of the more vicious attacks on the Clintons during the 1990s.

Has she no shame?



  1. Mike Carroll

    Has she no shame?

    Of course not.

  2. NOTICE: I’ve deleted a comment here that used an unacceptable word to characterize Hillary Clinton. It was a close call, but I just can’t allow the W-word for prostitute to be used against a woman in this case. The commenter otherwise is welcome to give it another go here..

  3. redrover

    Well, gee whiz, Mr. Cunningham, may I use the phrase “corporate whore” to characterize a male politician?

    Or is that also verboten?

    Here’s the Urban Dictionary’s definition of that phrase:

    “One who has sold more than their labor to the corporation; one who has forsaken personal values and constitution for corporate $$; meaning of “whore” belittled when preceded by the word “corporate”; person who will sell their soul for $$.”

    Can you provide me with a better way of expressing those concepts?

    Also, did you notice that my comment was a poem, with “whore” rhyming with “war”?

    Finally, why all this censorship really necessary? Politics is a tough business. I believe that Hillary has repeatedly insisted that she is tough enough to take the heat. So why do you feel you have to protect her?

  4. Kevin: I’m unable to comment on the piece to which you linked, because I’m having trouble with my system here. Damn Comcast. But thanks. Sooner or later, I’ll read it.

  5. ISP problem solved. I read that piece in the LA Times, Kevin, and it’s great. Thanks again.

  6. Hey, RedRover: Whore away, Dude (or Dudette, if you’re of the female persuasion). I’m in a more permissive mood today. I was off my meds yesterday. Heh, heh.

  7. redrover

    Hey Mr. Cunningham,

    We all have our bad days. Anyone who keeps up with what is presented to us as “news” can’t help but being adversely affected by it all sometimes.

    But what’s really bad is that one of the only two Democrats left in the race is a woman who long-ago abandoned all every last vestige of whatever integrity she might have once had in order to claw her way up to where she is today.

    Nominating Clinton in 2008 would be as bad or worse for the Democrats as nominating Hubert Humphrey was back in 1968. McCain, despite being integrity-challenged himself, would win in a breeze and the Democratic party would be seriously wounded if not outright destroyed.

    Finally, in support of my poetic offering below, please consider this: Hillary has said that she is an agent of change, but she has been endorsed by Morgan Stanley Chief Executive Officer John Mack, a man who raised at least $200,000 for Bush’s re-election campaign in 2004.

    Mack said that he appreciated Clinton’s grasp of financial and health-care issues.

    If that’s so, then he must believe that despite her calls for “change”, Hillary is in bed with the same Wall Street financial priorities as Bush is, and it pays.

    Hillary is not content to cuddle up only with wealthy economic conservatives. She has also played political kissy-face with social conservatives by sponsoring a flag-protection amendment:

    “Along with Sen. Robert Bennett, a Utah Republican, she has introduced a bill that would make flag burning illegal. It is probably important to note that this is not a proposed constitutional amendment, and it is written in a cutesy way that does not explicitly outlaw all flag burnings — just those intended to “intimidate any person or group of persons.”

    Star-Spangled Pandering
    By Richard Cohen
    Washington Post,Thursday, December 15, 2005; Page A33

    And so I will say it again:

    Hillary Clinton, Corporate Whore,
    Never had a draft card, Loves to go to war.
    ‘Cause Hillary Clinton’s priorities are these:
    The left gets words; the right gets deeds.

  8. Hey, Rover: You don’t have to address me as “Mr. Cunningham.” We’re all friends here. A mere “Sir” will suffice.

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