Gallup Poll: Americans more likely to think the war in Iraq was a mistake than their forbears felt about Vietnam during that conflict


The latest USA Today-Gallup Poll SHOWS that 63 percent of Americans think it was a mistake to send U.S. troops to Iraq, the highest such reading during any American military conflict.

Moreover, Gallup analysts say “majority opposition to the Iraq war is basically cemented.”



  1. charlie

    and why is that? b/c the media has hated bush from the start. this is just another slap in the face. algore and his tree huggers are still crying over the 200 election. such an inconvenient lie they tell.

  2. What the hell do Al Gore and tree huggers have to do with the unpopularity of this stupid war?

  3. hokumboy

    I may have missed something over the past two years or so. Possibly I was in the garage with the table saw on and didn’t hear. What is it with the wacko-right’s obsession with calling Al Gore “algore”?
    I have a hard enough time trying to adjust to their use of the term “Democrat Party”.

  4. Hoke: I think the “algore” thing started with Limbaugh. As for the misuse of “Democrat,” rabid rightists seem to think that “Democrat” as an adjective somehow sounds less euphonious, less respectable and more pejorative than “Democratic.” So, grammatical considerations notwithstanding, they misuse the one word and shun the other.

    The genesis of this silliness is not entirely clear. According to one theory, it all started with Sen. Joseph McCarthy, the infamous red-baiter and witch-hunter of a half-century ago. Others say it can be traced to the late 1950s when a man named Meade Alcorn, chairman of the Republican National Committee, issued a directive to his minions to thereafter avoid use of the word “Democratic.”

    McCarthy’s example or Alcorn’s admonition, whichever it was, has been heeded to this day among the party’s more zealous elements. And woe to he or she who dares stray from this orthodoxy.

    Jay Nordlinger, managing editor of the conservative National Review Online, has written of the guff he gets from some readers for his refusal to misuse “Democrat.” John L. Perry of the even more rightist NewsMax.com also refuses to go along with those who “abuse consciously or misuse ignorantly” the D-word.

    The late Sen. Sam Ervin once said: “I have been trying to reform Republicans all my life and have had virtually no success, but I would like for them to adopt good grammar and quit using the noun ‘Democrat’ in lieu of the adjective ‘Democratic.’ If I can teach the Republicans that much grammar, I will feel that my effort to educate them has not been entirely in vain.”

    Let’s face it, Hoke, some of them Publicans ain’t too bright.

  5. hokumboy

    Yeah, the Democrat thing has some roots. I can see why the right likes to use that. But, this “algore” crap? I could never quite understand it.
    But, I guess, like Limbaugh, there’s a whole segment of our society that really loves a certain 3d grade “poke ’em with a stick and call ’em a funny name” brand of “humor”.

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