Obama backer wants him to quit the race


THIS GUY figures that if Barack Obama drops out now, Hillary Clinton will take a fractured Democratic Party down to defeat in November — and Obama will win the presidency in 2012.

It’s a crazy notion, for sure, but it’s fascinating to ponder.



  1. Jack O'Brien

    Pat, there is absolutely nothing “fascinating to ponder” about that unbelievably stupid idea. Obama has virtually locked up the democratic candidacy and will be facing a highly-beatable opponent in McCain – but let’s just forego all that (ignore the millions spent to get this far) and let McCain be president for four years because it will be easier to beat four years from now? I guess the economy, global warming and troops in Iraq can just go on hiatus for the next term, huh?

    This is the dumbest thing I heard or read all day today – thanks Pat for making it news-worthy and putting it out there for everyone to waste their time reading. That’s some O’Reilly-quality journalism, Mr. Cunningham. I thought you were “unabashedly liberal” ?

  2. Mike Carroll

    Chill out Jack-I doubt that Pat is advocating anything of the sort.

  3. hokumboy

    This is the dumbest thing I”VE heard all day:

  4. hokumboy

    He sorta reminds me of Rev. Wilfred W. Wilfred from the Candorville comic strip!

  5. Yeah, it’s a dumb, dumb, dumb idea. But I’m fascinated at the thought of the political chaos that would result (but not like Limbaugh’s dream of political rioting in the streets of Denver). The guy who wrote this nonsense probably gets paid considerable coin of the realm for such crap, and all I’m getting is pocket change for writing pearls of wisdom. Life is so unfair.

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