Obama wins N.C.; Clinton ahead in Indiana


The networks are shying from declaring Indiana for Hillary Clinton, despite her sizable lead in the early count, because areas thought to be strongly for Barack Obama have yet to report.

UPDATE: Ninety minutes ago, Clinton had 57 percent of the vote in Indiana.  Now, at 8:30 p.m. CST, she has less than 53 percent, with more than a third of precincts yet to report, many of them from comparative Obama strongholds. This could be a cliffhanger (although I still expect her to win).

UPDATE II: Hillary’s lead is down to 4 percentage points at 9:30 pm CST, with Lake County, the second-biggest in the state and solid Obama country, yet to report.

If Obama squeezes by, Hillary is toast.  If he doesn’t, Hillary is still toast. Watch for a flock of superdelegates endorsing Obama in the next few days.

As Pat Buchanan said minutes ago on MSNBC: “It’s over.”


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