How about a Constitution lapel pin?


Excuse me for being more logical than emotional, but I’ve always had a greater affection for the U.S. Constitution than the American flag.

Don’t get me wrong. I respect the flag, and I think everyone should.  But the flag doesn’t give us the freedoms we enjoy as Americans.  The Constitution does.

So, why are we supposed to treat the flag with almost religious reverence, but nobody’s going to get upset if I carelessly throw a copy of the Constitution in the garbage?

The answer, I think, is that the flag is about emotion, while the Constitution is about complicated concepts. 

The flag is great for raising goosebumps at patriotic parades, but it’s the Constitution that gives us the right to speak our minds, to embrace the religions of our choice, to be tried in courts of law by juries of our peers,  and to enjoy our many other hard-won freedoms.

That’s why I think it’s wrong to say American warriors have fought and died for the flag. I’d rather think that they fought and died for the principles embodied in the Constitution.

Every nation has a flag. Only America has the U.S. Constitution.

Where can I get one of those Constitution lapel pins?



  1. equalityrkfd=

    At Walmart, made in China.

  2. Of course, lots of U.S. flags are made in China, too. Which reminds me of the story last year about some contractor in Pennsylvania who was caught illegally outsourcing the manufacture of flag patches for U.S. military uniforms. He got them from Thailand. The violation involved a law intended to promote American businesses.

  3. hokumboy

    I remember a few years ago Menards was selling US Flag kits that were made in Canada (close, but still no cigar), I had sent a complaint up to Eau Claire and I suppose quite a few others did too, since the next year they went for US Made ones.
    Speaking off,,,, I’d better get over to Blake Awning before Memorial Day. My flag is starting to look like it flew at Ft. Sumpter.

  4. Ft. Sumter, eh? You must be one of them slave-loving, Lincoln-loving, damn Yankees. You’ll get yours. The South shall rise again.

  5. Mike Carroll

    Careful Hokumboy-Eau Claire is my hometown.

  6. hokumboy

    You should be very proud of your hometown.
    Rockford could learn a hell of a lot from Eau Claire.
    Their Riverwalk is coming along nicely and the tire plant isn’t sitting abandoned. Their downtown has stores that even non-yuppies (or whatever they call ’em these days) would shop at and the Farmer’s Market is absolutely great! There’s things for all types of folks to do. also, the criime rate is almost negligible when compared to ours :


    Nope, the Little Prince and his entourage should take a trip up there and see how it’s done.

  7. ” …the Little Prince and his entourage should take a trip up there and see how it’s done.”
    Hey,now your stepping in MY field…

  8. hokumboy

    You’re not a fan either?
    I thought, from everything I read in the RRStar, that I was the only one in town who didn’t care for him.

  9. Strange thing is that the flag is a symbol of that constitution as well as the declaration of independence and everything since our founding.

    Oh and not to quibble, but:

    it’s the Constitution that gives us the right to speak our minds, to embrace the religions of our choice, to be tried in courts of law by juries of our peers, and to enjoy our many other hard-won freedoms.

    Isn’t quite what our Founding Fathers understood to be, self-evident:

    We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. — That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed

    The Creator give the rights, the people loan the power to Governments to secure the rights and the Constitution is a contract empowering yet restricting that government.

    Modern liberalism would just state that the rights come from the people, I am not sure what political belief says the Constitution gives anything.

    The Constitution actually restricts the governments actions — and does not give anything. After all it says “Congress shall make no law,” never does it say, “This Constitution hereby grants the right.”


  10. ROTstar: The idea that the Creator gives us rights is a theological idea and has no specific validation in the Constitution. Without the Constitution, or something very much like it, our freedoms would not be protected under law and therefore would not exist in any practical sense. We get our freedoms from the Constitution, not from the Declaration of Independence. Whether a Creator has anything to do with it is a matter of religious belief, which we are free to embrace or reject. As for your argument that “the Constitution actually restricts the governments actions — and does not give anything,” you’re just being semantical. If the government is restrained by the Constitution from denying me certain freedoms — freedom of the press, for example — then that freedom is given (or provided, or guaranteed, or protected, or whatever word you want to use) by the Constitution. We don’t have a real disagreement here, except perhaps for the stuff about the Creator.

  11. Craig Knauss

    I find the flag pins to fall into the same category as flag bumper stickers. Out here in Eastern Washington, the rednecks feel that it’s alright to cheat on their taxes, shortchange their public schools, break the laws, refuse to vote intelligently (or at all), be loud, noisy, and disruptive, treat the countryside as their personal dump, treat their neighbors like crap, etc. However, when they put a flag sticker on their gas-sucking truck bumpers, presto, they are patriotic. And anyone who doesn’t, is unpatriotic.

    A true patriotic person does not need a lapel pin (or bumper sticker) to show his patriotism. He shows it through his actions.

  12. Amen, Mr.Knauss. Go to the head of the class.

  13. Bob Drasner

    We are trying to find Constitutional Lapel pins
    The link provided does not work.

    Can you PLEASE tell us where or give us a phone number?

  14. Linnea Martin

    I particularly like this one. I’d like to know where it can be purchased. There is another one, but not nearly as nice. I share the President’s views on the necessity of wearing pins to prove one’s patriotism. But this one isn’t about that. It’s a “head’s up” for what’s really important. I’d also like to wear something that reminds me of Senator Byrd.

  15. Winston Smith

    @Linnea Martin

    May I recommend a conical hat and white hood if you want to wear something to be reminded of Senator Byrd?

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