What now, Hillary Clinton?


So Hillary Clinton won a big victory in Kentucky, where some of the semi-literate bigots are convinced that Barack Obama actually is the antichrist. So what?

Politically speaking, Clinton is still in what pundit Roger Simon CALLS “a very bad place.”

Her campaign debt has SOARED to nearly $31 million, and the money continues to go out a lot faster than it’s coming in.

And Obama’s lead among pledged delegates is now insurmountable, while the superdelegates continue to gravitate toward him, not Hillary.

But Clinton seems to think the longer she stays in the race, against all odds, the more she becomes some latter-day Joan of Arc. In reality, a growing number of erstwhile admirers see her as simply a sore loser, a once-inevitable nominee who can’t graciously accept the political reality that her glorious presidency is never to be.

What’s especially tragic here for Hillary is that she’s on the verge of soiling her legacy forever, a subject Anna Quindlen ADDRESSES in the latest edition of Newsweek.

And speaking of legacy, Clinton should take notice of the glowing tributes paid this week to Ted Kennedy on the occasion of his diagnosis with brain cancer.  Here’s a guy who once ran unsuccessfully for the Democratic presidential nomination, and then dedicated the rest of his days to exemplary leadership in the U.S. Senate.

Hillary could do that, too.  But it won’t happen if she tears her party apart in a graceless, never-say-die bid to deny Obama the nomination he has fairly earned.

Give it up, Sen. Clinton.  Don’t sully your place in history.

UPDATE: The Jed Report OFFERS an interesting statistic: In the past month, Hillary Clinton has received 362,000 votes from people who say they’ll vote for John McCain in November, even if Hillary is the Democratic nominee. Clearly, these are Republicans who see Clinton as more beatable than Obama.  And they’re right.



  1. Another Bored NYer

    Well Pat, you’ve been washed up for a long time too but no one has asked you to step out or said you have outstayed your welcome.
    Why should Hillary?

    Let the runners cross the finish line before you call the race!

    Why? This race is like a train-wreck I can’t watch AGAIN. Why should I trust my party to choose the winning candidate after the John Kerry debacle? They couldn’t win a race against the one-legged guy pulling a wagon! Let ALL of the people decide.

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