Here’s another McCain-Obama electoral map


Yesterday, I shared with you an ELECTORAL MAP of the McCain-Obama race from DailyKos.

Today, I give you another such map (above), this one from Open Left.  Details can be found HERE.

In both cases, Obama leads McCain in electoral votes.



  1. Bob: The Virginia suburbs of Washington have become increasingly Democratic, so I think the map is right in rating that state a tossup.

  2. Craig Knauss

    Montana has a popular Democratic governor. That state is closer to a tossup. For Idaho, the Arian Nation has moved to Alabama and their toe-tapping senator is not doing well. Additionally, with the Iraq War, falling dollar and rising gas prices, the solidly Republican Mormon base is eroding steadily. Even they want a change. That could easily mean the entire Pacific NW going Blue.

    With the worsening economy in Wisconsin, I would think they would be leaning somewhat blue. Same for Michigan. Indiana won’t change from Red, they’re hopelessly out of touch with reality. In an honestly run election, Ohio and Florida would likely be toss-ups. But do they know what an honest election is?

  3. Lawrence Gregory Clarkson

    This is a good starting point but I would hesitate making any universal statements about any state. Over the next five months, this race is going to have a huge number of twists and turns. Frankly, I think the best thing either candidate can do to swing voters in any individual state is have Kimbo Slice come campaign for him. The Kimbo Slice endorsement will mean *everything.*

  4. Bob: I think Nebraska apportions its electoral votes by congressional districts. It’s not a winner-take-all state.

  5. From The Green Papers:

    In Maine and Nebraska the 2 at-large electoral votes go to the winner of the statewide popular vote. In addition, the presidential candidate with the highest popular vote in each of the state’s Congressional Districts wins 1 electoral vote from that particular district. Maine has been doing this since the 1972 presidential election. Nebraska is a newcomer to this “districting” system of allocating electoral votes to the presidential candidates in the November General Election- having had this in place only beginning with the 1996 election.

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