What recession? That’s just a media conspiracy to make the Republicans look bad


Kevin Hassett, a scholar at the American Enterprise Institute and an adviser to John McCain, SAYS all this gloom-and-doom talk about the economy is a media plot to get Democrats elected in November.

Hassett says media “treatment of the economy would be much different if there were a Democrat in the White House today.”

Damn media! Y’know, they did the same thing to Herbert Hoover, just when things were starting to turn the corner.

UPDATE: Now the media are TELLING US things are so bad that sales of Spam are soaring.



  1. Leatherneck

    Parking lots crowded at Woodfield and Cherryville – People coming out of Best Buy, buying plasma tvs…Gee, it must be that “bad economy”. Somebody tell these people that are buying stuff.
    Who do they think they are? Where on earth did they get their money?!

    So if we are in a recession, are these people just window shopping and maybe they like to drive around the parking lots for their health??

    I saw another shopping strip mall being built at Perryville and Spring Creek. You better go tell the developer to pull the plug because the economy is bad.

  2. Optimistic1

    Right on Leatherneck, but of course it is only the top 1% that Prez Bush has given ALL the tax breaks to who are able to afford such luxuries. But of course, it must also be that top 1% that I stand behind at the gas station who somehow afford lottery tickets and $4 packs of smokes when paying for the gas that they say they can’t afford for their SUV.

    We are such a spoiled nation, maybe a little of the Hoover Era is what we need to remind us of how lucky the 95% of us who are currently employed have it.

    Pat, can you explain the nonexistent coverage of the positive things that are happening in the war especially since Gen Petraeus has taken control? That is what I truly damn the media for. If there is any conspiracy it is that the Left is deathly afraid of looking weak as far as national security so the lack of coverage of anything positive in Iraq makes sense to me in an election year as Pres Bush is the root of all evil and anything otherwise would be off agenda. I say let Sen Obama in so he can pull out in 60 days and fix every problem of the world by doing so. I feel bad for anyone who has to take the weight of that position, especially someone as naive as the poetic Junior Senator. We’ll see what poetry can do when the rubber meets the road, even with the rosy media coverage he is sure to enjoy.

  3. Stephen T.

    This article is ridiculous. McCain and his advisors can attempt to keep their heads in the sand. They can continue to attempt to mislead and misinform. Statements like those made by Hassestt do not help the problem.

    Gas is 4.00+ dollars, the housing market is crashing, food prices are going up, we are in two billion+ dollar wars.

    Just because people are buying gas, going to the mall, buying cigarettes does not mean this country is not in a recession. People still have to live and make purchases.

  4. Stephen T.

    Furthermore, I’ve had enough of Bush/McCain and company telling me to be “optimistic” and to just trust them. They have far exceeded my worst nightmares. As a recent college grad I fear for my future should McCain be elected. I don’t think thats going to happen. Bush is the most unpopular president in history, people do not want more of the same with McCain.

    Now they are trying to tell me we aren’t in a recession. Well it certainly feels like we are in Rockford. This administration has done nothing to warrant me placing my trust in anything they say. In fact, they have done the opposite. Why should I believe a president who needlessly sent my friends and relatives off to a foreign land to fight in a war based on fabricated, exaggerated, and falsified evidence.

    Obama is our best chance to turn this country around, but he cannot do it alone. It is up to all of us to work to make this country better for everyone, not just the wealthy few.

  5. equalityrkfd=

    So what are the positive things coming out of the Iraq war?

  6. Optimistic1

    I consider liberating a country under a brutal dictator positive, I consider fighting an enemy on their own soil vs ours a positive, I consider having a toe hold in the region especially next to Iran to keep an eye on them so they don’t nuke Israel a positive (Since the corrupt UN won’t do their job), I consider building schools and hospitals and providing good water sources for any people of the world a positive, I also consider defeating the enemy we fight there a positive thing that should be reported truthfully. I have read a few books by embedded authors and they paint a much different picture than our media outlets do. Some factual, non biased reporting from the big outlets would be refreshing. I am not asking for false propaganda, just realistic.

  7. Optimistic1

    You are making my point Stephen, people ARE still living and making purchases. 95% of our nation is employed. We are not in a recession technically. The housing crash is because banks lent too much money to people they shouldn’t have and are getting what they asked for when those people default. China and India are coming online using massive amounts of oil, building materials and are taking our jobs with huge advantages as far as cheap labor goes. Is absolutely everything wrong in this world this administrations fault??? Where will your animous go once Bush leaves office in 6 months. We have it extremely good, don’t trust me or them, read some books and get some historical perspective and you will find reason to be an optimist! Europe is 12-20% unemployment, and gas there is $ 8-10 a gallon, and they are a bunch of great countries! I will not even bring up Africa or similar with stats. Do you honestly not see the media misinforming and misleading just like you say Hassett is? I will bet Hassett will do a better job backing up his claim than Anderson Cooper will, but Hassett won’t get the chance.

    As far as the war, get a new argument, the pre-war Intel argument is so old. We are where we are no matter what the situation was getting here, there is no gaoing back so let’s move forward. We fight an enemy on a foreign shore that came here and attacked us in 2001. It is fun to think they don’t exist, but they do and they killed many peoples friends and relatives who were completely innocent. If you honestly believe this is a needless war on terrorism after 3000 of our own people were slain by terrorists on our own soil, I do not understand you. What about Pearl Harbor, was retaliation to that unfounded? I hate war also, but sometimes I think it is unavoidable. If the Clinton Administration would have taken the 93 WTC bombing more seriously and had gone a lesser offensive than a full out war, maybe that would have avoided this war? Maybe HW could have done more, certainly Carter? Who knows, I don’t claim to. I do know we don’t live in a pre-terrorism era, and that we can’t afford to ignore threats any longer. I also know Our President is My President, and I support him full well knowing he has to make decisions I will never see the reasons or Intel for. For you to arrogantly decide he is a liar shows ignorance and lack of respect for the office as well as your decision to chant the mantra you have heard so often from the media outlets. “Bush Lied, People Died”, go ahead, oversimplification is fun to chant, and anyway truthfully considering the problems of this world takes a lot more effort than just blaming someone else.

    I certainly hope you take some time to examine your own life’s blessings, read some books on the truly bad times in history (which apparently your college education deprived you of), and you will see by any global standard, we are extremely privileged in this great country. I don’t claim to have all the answers, but I do understand the world from a historical perspective enough to be extremely grateful for what we all enjoy every day, and most of all for those who gave their lives for me to enjoy mine, as an optimist (Or a whiner in your case). I will fully support the next President in office no matter who he/she is because I respect my country and Forefathers who fought for it, will you Stephen?

  8. Optimist1 says: “We fight an enemy on a foreign shore that came here and attacked us in 2001.” Wrong. For one thing, it wasn’t a “foreign shore” that attacked us. For another, it wasn’t Iraq either. Optimist1 also says he “will fully support the next President in office no matter who he/she is because I respect my country.” Get it? If you ever criticize a president, you don’t respect your country. There’s a word for that kind of sentiment. It’s called fascism.

  9. equalityrkfd=

    So I guess killing innocent Iraqi’s that had NOTHING to do with 9/11 a positive thing?

  10. Optimistic1

    Pat – You must admit there is oversight put in place so that the President is held accountable when he errors all the way to throwing his butt out of office. If this Senate had any inkling they would be able to do so to this President, they would have the day they took power. You know as well as I with the Intel they had, they voted for the war. I think you would agree that you can respectfully disagree with someone and can also respectfully crticize what they do without attacking their character and giving them the benfit of the doubt without having the first hand knowledge of speaking to them or seeing the evidence put forward that helped them make their decision. You are going to town awfully fast on the notion that you are not respecting your country if you criticize the President. I don’t believe that at all, and the fascism comment is unfounded. You seem to have a very thin line dividng Patriotism and Fascism. Being a Representative Republic, I will error on the side of the leaders we vote in fully knowing they are human beings and will make mistakes, we have elections to remove them from office and replace them when they do and also have a court system to deal with them when they really cross some lines, what good does bitching constantly about the state of affairs do for anyone in any situation whether it be the bus stop, a marriage, a business, or whatever. For Pete’s sake, most people don’t even go to the polls to excercise their right to change the system, yet they will tell me how hacked off they are all day long about the way the world is. We are spoiled rotten.

    As far as Iraq, I agreed with the premise of why we went, the intel said what it did, and hindsight is 20/20. Do I think it could have been handled better, certainly. But your side sounds like a bitter divorcee telling me 5 years after the fact the reasons the divorce happened instead of getting on with life. What reason does it matter at this point? We have beat the horse to death and are now stomping on its corpse. Like any other situation in life, you have to get on with it after the bad, as well as the good. I feel we need to stay and finish the job (That amounts to Iraq to govern Iraq and be able protect themselves). The only person I trust with this call is the General on the ground over there, not the people over here bitching about the situation offering no solutions crying “Bush Foul” constantly. The sickening thing is the lack of investment most people doing the bitching have in this war, you’d think their boots are on the gorund over there listening to them (Troops that I hear firsthand are not bitching mind you). Most people guilty of this I ask can’t give me an honest answer of any sacrifice they have made for this war other than the typical tax dollars argument. Pathetic. I am not much better as I don’t serve, I do get them a letter and care package now and then, but anyone in the uniform certainly has my utmost of respect, and they are my heroes and I hit my knees consistently to thank God for them and their families. I feel respect and support is the bare minimum I can give all our leaders. Is that Fascism Pat?

  11. When you imply that anything less than “full support” for the president shows insufficient respect for your country, yes, that’s fascism. By the way, every measure of the matter shows that the Iraqi people and their elected representatives overwhelmingly want our troops out of their country. Who the hell are you to say their will should be defied? It’s their country, not just some military playground established to make Americans like you feel proud and patriotic.

  12. Optimistic1

    “So I guess killing innocent Iraqi’s that had NOTHING to do with 9/11 a positive thing?” equalityrkfd

    The people killing the innocents are the terrorists Equality. Civiliians do die in war by our weapons, but if you would do some research you would see that we more than go out of our way to look out for civillians.
    We didn’t go air war with no disregard for the people of Iraq even though it would have meant a ton less casualites on our side. The books I have read talk about multiple car bomber taking out children in the street to kill 2 of our soldiers when they could have easily waited for the children to get out of the way, they didn’t. You make it sound like we are intentionally killing civiliians, do you believe this?

    So was it different when Saddam was filling the mass burial graves we have found over there? We call that genocide in other places and have used force to stop it, why is it different because it was Iraqi’s being killed by Saddam? Were those people not worth us going over there to save?

  13. Optimistic1

    What is advantage to us overstaying our welcome Pat? Zilch. Just because they want us out, doesn’t mean they won’t be annihilated in 2 weeks by us leaving to soon. I believe we will be out of there as soon as possible, whatever our Chiefs on the ground deem that to be watching the progress of the Iraqi Forces. I can give you some references to view literally hundreds accounts of Iraqi People thanking our Soldiers for doing what they do. Does that not matter?
    Is there someone more qualified to make the call of leaving than they? Nancy Pelosi maybe? See how she has shut her mouth after visiting? She as most others know the deal after seeing it first hand on their visits. Do you honestly think the Generals are not getting heat to get out of there ASAP? Of course, it is illogical to think otherwise. You will have to convince me that the generals want more of their troops bloodshed in that case. I don’t buy it.

    “Our Playgorund” Pat? Give me a break, is nothing sacred? Bad Form my friend. You know deep in your dark heart that is not the case.

    Wasn’t this war about oil??? Where is all our extra oil? We aren’t stealing their oil? I am confused. Is Haliburton siphoning secretly to pack the VP’s Pocket some more?

    On another note, when is your side going to quit trying to fix our energy issues with windfall profit taxes and let us build some refineries and build some more nuclear energy plants? Windfall Profits, what a joke, anybody think that will get passed onto the consumer? And on top of that taxed some more giving more money to Washington? Whay can we afford that but not $4 gas?

  14. Optimistic1: Two things: 1) You seem not to understand that ours is a system of civilian control of the military. The generals don’t get to decide where we commit our troops or how long they stay. The civilian politicians get to decide that stuff. 2) You seem not accept that most Iraqis want our troops out of their country: Well, read it and weep, pal: http://snafu-ed.blogspot.com/2008/06/iraqi-parliament-70-of-iraqis-want-us.html

  15. Stephen T.

    How did this become a discussion about Iraq? This was an economic discussion. I just had a long post addressed but I must address 2 things.

    1st. Just because people are making purchases does not suggest that we are not in a recession. People have to live. We have to buy food, we have to drive to work (esp. in Rockford, which lacks quality public transportation).

    2. Wade asked

    “So who is saying we are in a recession?”

    Economic experts, government officials, professors, average joes, students, citizens etc. To suggest it is just the “Obama camp” or “liberal” is just flat out wrong. Statements made by people like Hassest and the McCain campaign do nothing but attempt to mislead the public. They do not address the problem, nor do they attempt to fix it.

    “hina and India are coming online using massive amounts of oil, building materials and are taking our jobs with huge advantages as far as cheap labor goes. Is absolutely everything wrong in this world this administrations fault???”

    You are correct about India and China using more oil, and taking our jobs. And no, of course it isn’t just the administrations fault.

    But they are the ones providing tax breaks to companies that move out of country. They are the ones subsidizing corporations which do so. They are the ones who seemingly reward big buisness to ship away our jobs.

    Is it there fault.. somewhat. Are they rewarding outsourcing… most certainly yes.

    This country was a nation formed by some of histories greatest critics and protesters. They would be shocked to see some of what is written here. To suggest I must blindly follow a “president” that has traded away my future is simply unamerican.

  16. Stephen T.

    “Wasn’t this war about oil??? Where is all our extra oil? We aren’t stealing their oil? I am confused. Is Haliburton siphoning secretly to pack the VP’s Pocket some more? ”

    Why does this matter? Oil prices are up. George and Friends are making more money.. they have proved time and time again they care nothing about us.

    Some people need to take some logic and civics classes here.

  17. Optimistic1

    Pat – I do concede the fact they would like us out, sorry I didn’t make that clear. My 8 year old is quite sure he can drive my car also, but I don’t let him for his own safety. We are training their military and rebuilding in their country and I believe our investment in Iraq warrants a certain amount of confidence of our professionals doing the training to be able to walk away and not have the country fall into complete chaos. From my understanding more and more duties are turned over weekly. As I said, I think the only people capable of making this judgement are the Generals who have gotten the country to the point of taking a vote on such a subject as wanting us out. Think Saddam did polling? I want us out of there as soon as possible, but not so soon that it was good for nothing. I want Iraq to be a success story, for them, not for me.

    As far as the civillian politicians controlling the military, point taken. But aren’t they in Washington and are getting the same heat to get the hell out as the Generals on the ground? I have seen them being grilled before the senate haven’t I? As I said, what is the advantage to staying beyond the last day we have to? I believe our goal is to make them a self sufficient country.
    My bringing up the “War for Oil” was pointing out a conspiracy theory proven false in my mind Stephen. The protesters I have seen with those signs had every right to do so, but I also have a right to poke fun at them when debunked don’t I? Same first amendment? Or is it tacky on my part but fine for them to call our president a murderer?

    I have many issues with President Bush, I had many issues with Clinton, guess what, they all have issues and always will and Barrack will be no different. As I said, I will stand behind them all when they take an oath to that office to do what is best for us and I guess in my sheltered world I want to believe they all have dedicated their lives to public service and will do what they honestly believe is best for our country. Call me crazy for supporting them, but I believe I also have an oath to this country to support our elected officials. If they are as corrupt as many seem to be, I guess we are all screwed. If global warming is true, I guess it doesn’t really matter anyway! But that is another thread for another time.

    I did hijack this bringing up Iraq, sorry. Pat still has not answered my question about media coverage though and I truly was curious about his take being a media member?

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