Government scientists say extreme weather likely caused by global warming


Of course, the global-warming deniers are going to be upset about THIS and probably will resort to a new round of bashing Al Gore.



  1. We all know that Gore “took the initiative in creating” Global Warming, why would we bash Al?

  2. Then “government scientists” are fools.More here.

  3. Good ol’ reliable Kaus, still sticking with the right-wing fairy tale that Al Gore claimed to have invented the Internet (which he did not so claim).

  4. Since Edward Lorenz just passed on, perhaps it’s time you Owl Gore fans read up on Chaos theory and weather prediction. You can’t blame everything on CO2 gas until you build the perfect computer model to explain every variable. I’ve said it before, if you can’t predict the next hurricane to hit the East Coast…..you don’t know Pat…and I don’t either.

  5. Pat,

    just like the ‘100 years in Iraq” was taken out of context by you, I feel it is justified to use an EXACT Al Gore quote “I took the initiative in creating the Internet” out of context for Al Gore.

  6. Perhaps Pat should read the Washington Post article today that mentions the fact that 90 percent of wetlands have dissappeared in Iowa instead of making this a 500 year event never before seen and attributed to global warming, http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2008/06/18/AR2008061803371.html?hpid=topnews

  7. RD –
    Could you explain to me why global warming deniers like to frame this debate in political terms? The first sentence in the link you provided is a good example – “It was only a matter of time before a socialist moonbat dressed up in the pious garb of environmentalism blamed the Iowa floods on anthropogenic global warming.” I don’t see how believing, or not believing, in global warming has anything to do with political beliefs. Is John McCain a ‘socialist moonbat’? Kaus, add that website to your Favorites, the polarizing language and name calling are right up your alley. You and Menlo can check it out after getting caught up on things at World Net Daily.

  8. Henry, thanks for the suggestion. I probably should remove Applesauce from my favorites list, but for some reason I am having difficulty breaking the habit. Maybe Pat can eliminate my posts and tell me to take a hike. Do you realize that I read Applesauce BEFORE Foxnews and the Drudgereport?

  9. No Kaus, I didn’t realize that, nor do I care.

  10. Henry

    Not all environmentalists are socialists, but a significant percentage of them are. Environmentalism, for many, is the means to promote centralized control of the economy.

    The climate is always changing. There have been warmer periods, there have been cooler periods. There is no science that proves the climate changes we are experiencing today are any different than those of the past. All there are are models with thousands of little understood variables and an unknown number of variables not accounted for. Furthermore, there is no reason to believe that the climate of, say, 1970 is the correct climate and the climate we get in 2020 is the incorrect climate. Again, the climate is always in flux.

    Nevertheless, environmentalists insist that the debate is over and that the government should seize control of the economy to try to do something that may be impossible to deal with a problem that may not exist. That is socialism by other means.

    As to my blog, yeah, it is bombastic and confrontational. My readers approve of that type of edgy discourse. Basically, it is right wing red meat, I don’t try to please everybody and it probably isn’t for you.

  11. RD –

    I have not seen any evidence environmentalists are advocating the government seize control of the economy. I’m not even sure what that means. Are you implying environmentalists, if left to their own devices, would abolish our market economy? That is just not going to happen. The most effective way to curb greenhouse gasses (and curb our dependence on oil) is rely on the market to develop technologies and alternatives to curb our consumption of oil and fossil fuels. I actually see lots of opportunities for new industries and jobs if there is a serious effort to address this issue. And for those who think the global warming theories are a lot of bunk, finding solutions to the ‘problem’ would
    greatly benefit the need to reduce our dependence on oil.

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