What have we here? The Wall Street Journal is editorially praising Obamanomics?


Unlike the lunatic fringe of the Republican right, whose mantra is that Barack Obama is a wild-eyed socialist, the editorialists at the Wall Street Journal PRAISE him — especially for bucking the Bush administration on the issue of linking the strength of the dollar to the price of oil.



  1. Mike Carroll

    But Pat, I thought the WSJ was a tool of Rupert Murdoch/Fox News.

  2. Murdoch might own WSJ, but he even knows when not to mess with this paper. I am pleasantly surprised at this moment that Mr. Murdoch has not put his hands into WSJ to try and turn it a bit.

    A bigger surprise to me was when Hillary Clinton and Rupert Murdoch would have monthly breakfasts when she was running for the Senate. He even gave her campaign donations.

    In this case, I believe Mr. Murdoch is trying to keep the WSJ half-way legitimate. Of course, time will tell if he will turn it into the joke called Faux News – Fair and Balanced Bias for the Right.

    Even Scott McClellan admitted that the White House and Faux News would exchange talking points.

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