Buzz arises about Kay Bailey Hutchison as possible running mate for McCain


It says HERE that the Texas senator is seen as a way to draw more women voters to the Republican ticket.

The 65-year-old Hutchison (profile HERE) is a former college cheerleader and TV news reporter. She’s been married twice, and is pro-choice on abortion.

Hutchison was indicted in 1994 on charges of using state resources for political purposes, but she was acquitted in a trial in which a judge ordered the jury to find her not guilty.



  1. Leatherneck

    Yikes! The only benefit to picking this old hag would be that she would make John McCain look like a young lad, thus killing the age issue.

  2. Have a little respect for your elders, Leatherhead. Hutchison is eight months younger than I.

  3. Craig Knauss

    It sounds like a perfect match on everything except the pro-choice issue. They could even have walker races down the White House hallways.

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