Gallup poll shows Palin with lowest rating for any running mate since Quayle

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Not since George H.W. Bush selected then-Sen. Dan Quayle as his running mate 20 years ago has a presumptive vice-presidential nominee scored as low as Sarah Palin in terms of public confidence, according to a new USA TODAY/Gallup Poll.

 The survey gives Democratic veep choice Joe Biden an 18-point lead on his Republican counterpart Palin on the question of readiness to serve as president if needed.

The poll also shows Barack Obama maintaining an eight-point lead on John McCain.

Fox News has the story HERE.

UPDATE: A new Rasmussen poll SHOWS, as does the Gallup Poll, that Palin goes over better with men than with women.

So much for the theory that McCain’s choice would score especially well with women in the wake of Hillary Clinton’s failure to capture the Democratic nomination.

One other thing: Polls show that Obama’s acceptance speech was widely well-received. Fifty-eight percent of respondents rated it excellent or good, and only seven percent gave it negative marks. The rest said it was OK or had no opinion.

Perhaps most tellingly, 43 percent said the speech made it more likely that they will vote for Obama.



  1. Chuck Sweeny

    However, Mr. Quayle was a successful pick — Bush/Quale beat Dukakis/Bentsen (I knew Jack Kennedy, you’re no Jack Kennedy) quite handily.
    Palin could turn this thing around for John McCain.

  2. Chuck: I would argue that the Democratic ticket’s failure in ’88 was due primarily, perhaps overwhelmingly, to the weakness of Mike Dukakis as a presidential candidate. In fact, after the election, The New York Times said this on the basis of exit polls:
    “When pollsters asked voters to choose between Mr. Quayle and Senator Lloyd Bentsen, they picked the Democrat by more than 2 to 1. Over all, the poll made it clear that Mr. Quayle cost Vice President Bush 2 percent of the vote, and perhaps more.”

    My theory is that Palin will hurt McCain more than help.

  3. As you said Pat, McCain loves the craps table and the Palin pick is McCain trying to roll the hard six.

    Bush Qualye followed Reagan, a President with great approval ratings. McCain Palin is following W, a President with some of the lowest approval ratings of all time. Is there really is a comparison?

  4. Mrs. Palin may have to re-work her stump speech. Her positive comments about Hillary don’t play well out on the campaign trail. The wingnuts in the crowd are booing any mention of Hillary. That’s going really bring over lots of Hillary supporters to that big GOP tent!

  5. Leatherneck

    Women voters in the US are not all one monolithic group. Not all women voters support abortion on demand. Not all women are goofy liberals who vote as one bloc, as you suggest. Many women are independent thinkers, they look at the person over the party. They care about economics, taxes, and national security too.

    But here we go again – if a woman doesn’t subscribe to the agenda of the looney left, then there must be something wrong with her and she is a “wing nut”.

    Do you have data of what percent watched Obama’s speech and wondered “How is he gonna pay for all of this?!”

  6. A good start would be to end the war predicated on lies. That’s about $10 billion a month.

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