Out for the evening; talk among yourselves




  1. Orlando Clay

    Bumper stickers observed this afternoon on a pick-up truck (complete with a miniature Confederate flag attached to the atenna) along Florida Highway 50:

    1. Save America — Abolish the ACLU
    2. Death is No Excuse — Reagan ’08

    Need any more proof that the wingnuts are coming unglued?

  2. Pat has a nice picture here “I like where this thread is going”. I equate this to mean that he is happy that a category 4 hurricane is coming to the USA to ruin the Republican Convention. Nice guy.

  3. Milton Waddams

    Maybe is making light of the people who prayed for a storm to engulf the Democratic convention. Hopefully things will work out better than Rita and Katrina…

  4. Oh, I get it….a little rain storm prayer compared to a Category 4 storm where death, destruction and mayhem occur.

  5. Many of the deaths were due to W.’s inept administration. The Feds now say their computer system crashed and all data is lost.
    Back to paper and pencil I guess. What a pitiful excuse of for an administration. It looks like almost everyone has left town this time after learning the hard way they can’t rely on this inept and corrupt government to provide even disaster relief.

  6. Milton Waddams

    So in other words, not only can the major players “not recall”, but now neither can their computers? How convenient for them.

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