Don’t mess with my Social Security, McCain!


I love being a geezer.  It gives me license to tell kids to get the hell out of my yard, and I get to shout at clouds and do other goofy stuff.

It also gives me the right to tell John McCain and those other Republicans to forget their dagnabbed SCHEMES for privatizing Social Security.



  1. John McCain and Sara Palin have a lot more to offer and help the American people than Obama-Biden. I voted for Hillary but now I’ll be voting for McCain. McCain-Palin 08 For President and V.P.

  2. Roger: Switching from Hillary, a liberal, to McCain, a conservative, is like switching from A to Z. They have nothing in common. And if you’re voting in Illinois, you’ll be on the losing side. But, that’s all right. I did the same thing myself in 1980 when I voted for John Anderson, who didn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell.

  3. Optimistic1

    Pat – Some sort of messing will have to take place so I can get my own SS when my day comes (A ways off). What do you propose? I have a profit sharing account and a pension, both invested heavily in the market. Why is it crazy that SS do the same when my union tells me my pension is the safest investment I can make in my future. Shouting at the clouds ain’t gonna fix a broken system, wish it could.

  4. Billybeermonicagar

    I voted for John Anderson also. When it comes to Social Security, give me the opportunity to control my money. I see what happens when the government takes it. Republican, Democrat, whoever, the money I earn will be better off in my control.

  5. Roger–so you do not vote based on the issues or the platform but based upon personality? wow, you see what we got when folks decided the cokehead with no brain was a good ole boy……..anyone that can switch from Hillary to the Palin religious revival circus has no clue about what is important to themselves, much less the country…..tell us, just why did you vote for hillary?

  6. Peter Gunn

    Herr Captain SNuss has let slip yet another of his famous Beer Hall Philosophies on how to make the world a better place.
    (Yes, Of Course He’s Serious)

    Oh, I must confess, I wont miss these nasty little Neo-Cons as they fade into obscurities hell as mascots of the ME Generation.

    So long boy’s,
    Don’t let the gates hit you in the @ss
    on the way down.

    And when are these GOP operatives going to give American women credit for just a tiny bit of gray matter ??

    Yes, stop with the,
    “I was a Clintonite but now I’m
    supporting McCain” 🙂
    Nonsensical logic that only a Wing-Nut could grasp.

    No, Wait, Let me clarify that so as not to offend
    your average run of the mill Right-Wing-Nuts

    Nonsensical logic that …
    Only a Right Wing-Nut who
    lives in a Beer Hall could grasp !

    Sorry Wing-Nuts, No Offense

  7. Mike Carroll

    Pat-No one is going to touch your Social Security. It would be political suicide for either side. At most there might be means testing but I rather assume that would not impact you. It is in the future generation of retirees where the change will be made and a market based approach is the only hope of success. You will not be able to tax your way out of this Ponzi scheme.
    Hijack alert-the answer to your often posted comment that the market does better historically when Democrats are in the White House (the Bond markets do better when Republicans are there BTW) is here-
    Turns out that Party affiliation has nothing to do with it. Sorry to burst one of your favorite bubbles on a Monday morning.
    Finally, I agree totally with SNuss #5 comment above.

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