Washington Post poll gives Obama lead of 9 points, mostly on economic fears


There’s a lot of factors to consider in the latest Washington Post/ABC News poll, which SHOWS Barack Obama leading John McCain by 9 percentage points.

I was especially struck by this finding: “Whites without college degrees favor McCain by 17 points, while those with college degrees support Obama by 9 points.”

And there was this: “McCain’s once-sizable advantage in dealing with the battle against terrorism has all but disappeared. There were also big shifts toward Obama on handling Iraq and international affairs more broadly.”

And this: Obama “also now holds a double-digit lead as the more honest and trustworthy candidate, flipping what had been a slight McCain edge two weeks ago.” 

UPDATE: A passel of OTHER POLLS show Obama with wide leads over McCain on economic issues.


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  1. the cream rises to the top…..you can only hide the best example of your poor judgment (not ready for prime time machine gun gal) for so long and folks start to wonder what are you really hiding. you can only lie for so long before folks realize you are a liar. you can only flip flop so many times before folks come to see you as having no principles. so long johnny…….

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