Paul Newman, legendary actor and liberal activist, dead of cancer at 83


Paul Newman, one of the GREATEST FILM ACTORS of all time, was a tireless campaigner for liberal causes.

Local angle: In 1980, Newman made TV spots for the presidential candidacy of John Anderson, the Rockford congressman.

UPDATE: Nobody beats The New York Times at celebrity obituaries. HERE‘s the paper’s obit on Paul Newman.



  1. Mr. Baseball

    Everything I’ve read about Paul Newman indicates he was a class act. He never got a big hollywood head and considered himself the same as anyone else. He was married just once, to Joanne Woodward, and there was never any tabloid news about him fooling around. If he wanted to, he could have bedded a different female every night. And while campaigning for liberal causes, he did it in such a way that the cause was the focus, not him. Paul Newman was much more of an American hero and role model than John Wayne, whom Pat has discussed before.

  2. Don’t forget, Mr. B, he also was a hell of a good actor.

  3. And, unlike John Wayne, Paul Newman actually served in World War II. Not just in the movies, like Wayne.

  4. Mr. Baseball

    I need to correct myself. Newman was married once before his marraige to Joanne Woodward. Also Pat, I agree with you about Newman as an actor. My favorite role is Fast Eddy Felsen in The Hustler. I’ve seen that movie at least 20 times and if Newman had done nothing else, he should still considered a great actor.

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