Obama ad disses McCain adviser Carly Fiorina for golden parachute

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  1. How much did her golden parachute cost the tax payer? I call this class warfare.

  2. bannernews

    How much did it cost the shareholders. Average Americans who hope the company will be well run. Anyone care to guess how much the stock value of HP fell under her stewardship?

  3. I know this industry well. She was there during a bad time for everyone in the tech industry. Compensation for executives, sadly, is not really reflected in stock price.

  4. Mr. Baseball

    Obama should drop this ad. It’s misleading. It implies that Fiorina getting fired and being well-compensated had something to do with the current financial crisis. It did not and it did not cost any taxpayer dollars.

  5. NO, McCain should threaten them with the DOJ or a lawsuit. That is what Obama does.

  6. Milton Waddams

    It has everything to do with the current crisis. CEO compensation and golden parachutes are unmitigated greed, just like the cause of the financial meltdown.

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