Who’s the leader of the Republican Party?


Every so-called leader of the Republican Party — Bush, Cheney, McCain, McConnell, Boehner — is for the Wall Street bailout, but the measure got only 65 GOP votes in the House on Monday and went down to defeat.

So, who’s really running the GOP these days?

There was a time when the titled leaders of political parties held sufficient sway with the rank-and-file to get a job done in a time of crisis, even if the objective was only to put up a brave front in a lost cause  and show solidarity with the officers of the ship.

That didn’t happen in this case. Instead, it was a mutiny.

So, who’s in charge of the Grand Old Party right now?

Do I hear any nominations?



  1. Uncle Bouncy


    The Democrats have enough votes to pass this on their own and Pelosi can’t do it

    Somehow this is the Republican’s fault?

    And how many Dems did Barry call to encourage their vote?


    he could have at least gotten some of them to vote “present”

  2. ring leader


    Good point but you have to remember the democrats would rather blame someone than take fault for. This is what Pat does, i.e. democrats do. Pat as I always say good luck in November.. Your candidate is a rockstar. Maybe if Barack Obama was Mike Johnson and did not have Oprah, Springsten, and Cunningham backing him we would win. As always I look forward to your bias opinon.

  3. David Johnson

    Hey Pat. We are! The Majority of Republicans (including our Don Manzullo listened to their constituents and not only said NO, they said HELL NO! I know its gonna hurt. But sometimes ya gotta let the addict hit rock bottom before they’re willing to get well.

  4. Woah, government working as it should? If an elected official not happy with the plan and his constituency is not happy with the plan, then they should vote against it and come up with a better plan. They shouldn’t be scared into voting for it by President Bush and they shouldn’t vote for it just because it will be good for the Obama or McCain campaigns.

    The market will rebound today as investors see opportunity and realize that just because that plan didn’t pass, that doesn’t mean there won’t be a new and better (hopefully) plan on the horizon.

  5. Ryan Stoll

    It is a morally corrupt argument to say that because the GOP says jump all Republican’s should jump. In past years people were elected and went to Washington because they were interested in doing what was best for the country. Now Pat decides that no matter what they are supposed to vote party line and not have an opinion of their own. I’m sorry, Pat, that is the problem with D.C. today. If Dems and Republicans alike would debate and compromise and come up with a plan that was truly best for the U.S.A., the plan would receive bipartisan report and pass without a hitch. Since we have to lock step our party lines, no plan can ever pass…

  6. Ryan Stoll: You’re putting words in my mouth. I never said that Republicans (or Democrats, for that matter) should always vote the party line. (Indeed, I’ve been bucking authority all my life). I merely said that party leaders used to be able to keep their troops in line, for better of worse. I also said that the Republican Party currently seems to be leaderless. Democratic leaders in the House promised to deliver a majority of their members for the bailout (again, for better of worse), and they succeeded in that regard. Republican leaders said they could deliver between 80 and 90 votes. They failed.

  7. When did the GOP start listening to the voters? Yesterday.

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