New USA Today/Gallup Poll shows that Obama won the second debate by a wide margin


By a margin of 56 percent to 23 percent, viewers of Tuesday night’s second presidential debate said Barack Obama got the  better of John McCain, according to the LATEST GALLUP POLL.

The poll internals also were bad news for McCain. One of every three respondents said they felt less favorable toward the Republican nominee after the debate. Only 12 percent felt less favorable about Obama; 34 percent felt more favorable.

The survey was conducted last night, 24 hours after the debate, and thus was perhaps a better reading of settled public attitudes than the quickie polls conducted right after the debate.



  1. DingDong

    Interesting with all the attention on ACORN, you don’t see this article mentioned very often.


  2. echo4charlie

    Wow! Good article.

    Here’s another “nugget” about Obama with respect to troop withdraw (which he has been demanding):


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