Rush Limbaugh says Colin Powell’s endorsement of Barack Obama was based entirely on race


Big surprise!

Rush Limbaugh, poet-philosopher to bigots everywhere, FIGURES that Colin Powell’s endorsement of Barack Obama for president is based on their common racial heritage.

Dittoheads take note! You now know what to think. Stand by for further instructions.



  1. SpeckleMe

    I have never figured out why people take RL seriously. He’s worse than Bill O!

  2. Orlando Clay

    Pat Cunningham wrote: “Rush Limbaugh, poet-philosopher to bigots everywhere,….”

    LOL! From the right angle, he does somewhat resemble Archie Bunker, doesn’t he?

  3. coldhotel

    Following this logic, Rush is only supporting John McCain because they’re both white.

  4. no coldhotel, rush has always been a republican like john mccain. it would be like ted kennedy endorsing the rebublican nominees because he likes girls (I think).

  5. Craig Knauss

    I like what the Republican governor of California said, “Rush Limbaugh is superfluous.” That’s an understatement. Rush just can’t deal with reality. Never has and never will.

  6. Nice job Pat. Nice job stirring up the lemmings by attacking Limbaugh and calling him and his listeners bigots. You really should have read what Rush is quoted as saying before writing such a deceptive post. Then again, bashing on Rush is fashionable among leftist elites like yourself.

    I read the Times article. I read the quotes. I saw and read what Powell had said about Obama that, in his mind, qualifies him to be a President of the United States in three months. Powell seems to be star struck with ‘change’ and a guy that talks a good game. Those are good qualifications for a used car salesman, but should not be the end-all for Commander in Chief and President.

    So rather than call Rush a bigot. Try dealing with the words that he did say and respond to those.

  7. Colin Powell took his best shot at getting back at Bush, and the Bush administration. Had nothing to do with McCain.

    Powell, as I recall, was the only member of the Bush administration who would not commit to a party affiliation in the 2004 election season. In his mind, he left the party when he believed he was used by Bush to give his presentation at the U.N. make the case for going into Iraq. He just chose 3 weeks before the election to tell the public. He was, and is a good strategist.

    That is the whole of the story, Pat. As much as you’d like to use it to call Rush Limbaugh a bigot.

  8. DingDong

    See the problem is, Pat is the bigot. He is projecting. Just like the good fool he is for the democrats, a white person may not say that a black person may vote for another black person because of race, which may be very possible. Not really a Rush fan myself, but I can see a double standard.

  9. Optimistic1

    I would be interested in seeing the list of white liberal endorsments Powell has made. That would clear this up in a hurry in my opinion.

  10. And, it was Tom (Mr. Mainstream Media) Brokaw that brought up the race issue, not Limbaugh. But that is as it always is. The Right does not govern by color, they tend to not see people by color or class. They tend to see all of us as citizens,living on one America. Not two. On the other hand, it is always the Left that brings up race and class. They are the class-warfare party.

  11. Ross says there are no right-wing racists. Ross is a funny guy, although apparently not on purpose. No right-wing racists! That’s funny! Do you push that theory among people who actually get around a little? Do they laugh in your face?

  12. Sorry Pat, but I must have missed the part where I said there are no right-wing racists. Would you please point it out to me?

    There are racists in all walks of life. If you re-read my last post real slow, you may get my point of how the two parties see people and govern differently.

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