Wall Street Journal: GOP coalition “fracturing”


It says HERE that Colin Powell’s endorsement of Barack Obama “comes after a series of events that have pointed to the fraying of a Republican umbrella that has relied in the past on both moderates and conservatives to bulk up its governing majority.”

The article quotes Mark Corallo, a conservative GOP strategist as saying: “The Republican Party is fractured. It is completely, utterly fractured.”



  1. Steelhawk

    Mark WHO???? Powell never has been a Republican. He can call himself whatever he wants. Republican shouldn’t be one of them. Let’s see, he supports abortion and Affirmative action. He supported cut and run in the first gulf war. He knew his friend Rich Armatige was the CIA leaker and let the Republican administration get ripped on a daily basis during the whole fiasco while they were innocent the whole time. Yeah, that’s a good republican. Powell is an opportunist who’s hoping for a job and nothing more. HIs endorsement is about race and nothing more. With a friend like Powell, you’d definitely find a back full of knife marks very soon.

  2. Steelhead: Only a racist would say that Powell’s endorsement of Obama “is about race and nothing more.” How the hell do you know the mind of Colin Powell?

  3. echo4charlie

    I apologize, there was an error in paragraph 3, which should have read:

    It’s another curiosity in the Senator Obama quest for power (the Presidency, and what it stands for seem to, judging from his deceptions, mean little. But the power, now that he wants).

  4. Orlando Clay

    More “read it and weep” news items from Florida for the “fractured” GOP:

    1.) The state of Florida, once considered a GOP stronghold, is now heavily bleeding blue. The official figures, released this week by the Florida Secretary of State’s office, show that registered Democrats now outnumber registered Republicans by over 600,000.

    2.) The Orlando Sentinel, a traditionally right-leaning newspaper owned by the Tribune Publishing Group, endorsed Sen. Obama in its Sunday editions.

    3.) Over the weekend, Gov. Charlie Crist and former presidential candidate Fred Thompson were the featured speakers to a half-empty banquet hall at a “GOP Victory” rally held here in Orlando. Poor Fred looked even more disinterested than usual.

    4.) On Friday, Sen. McCain spoke to a crowd of 2,000 at a performing arts facility on the campus of Brevard Community College here in Central Florida; tonight (10/20) a crowd of over 50,000 (including yours truly) is expected to attend an outdoor rally featuring Sens. Obama and Clinton.

    5.) The latest Florida polls show that Sen. Obama has pulled yet another percentage point in front of Sen. McCain.

    True, anything can happen between now and Nov. 4. But the bottom line, Cons, is that you shouldn’t count on Florida to once again help you steal this election and inflict another four years of misery and failure upon our great country.

  5. Billybeermonicagar

    Orlando, by your comments are we to believe that McCain will lose Florida by 600,000 votes? I love how all you dems gloat over poll numbers, then say ‘but anything can happen’. By the way, latest poll numbers show people quit reading newspapers when Pat retired!

  6. bannernews

    Wow charlie’s into the rant stage.

    What can you say about the neo-con Republicans that love that gutless puke Cheney (5 deferments, didn’t have much interest in the war in Nam). Now calling Powell, one of the people who actually knows how to fight and win a war, a traitor.

    John (I know how to win a war) McCain. Hey John we didn’t win the Vietnam War. Just an update for you geezer.

    What used to be the Grand Old Party now reduced to name calling. GOP craters in November.

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