Focus on red states in this final week


The uphill struggle facing John McCain is dramatized by the fact that these final eight days of the presidential campaign will FOCUS mostly on states that George W. Bush won in 2004.

The one exception is Pennsylvania, where McCain hopes to pull off a miracle despite Barack Obama’s current lead in the polls.



  1. SpeckleMe

    I saw Palin this morning giving another speech and lying through her teeth. I don’t know how she can lie so easily especially when it can be proven false. That same lie over and over about Obama voting to raise taxes 94 times. It’s just NOT true. Oh yeah, Palin has just one more Sunday to show up on Meet The Press. uh, LOL

  2. echo4charlie

    Unfortunately, we can’t believe either 100%. I suspect none of us will be entirely happy either way. It’s a shame to be so pessimistic, but that is the truth.

    Who is the best of two bad candidates?

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