You’ll want to save this list of falsehoods from Sean Hannity, America’s Misinformer of the Year


THIS STUFF is just too, too delicious.




  1. Orlando Clay

    You’re a great propagandizer, er, uh, American, Sean Hannity.

  2. shawnnews

    There you go. When the right wing people ask you and Chuck Sweeny to NAME ONE LIE HANNITY OR RUSH HAS TOLD! you can point them here. But it’s a Media Matters link so they’ll probably say it doesn’t count and then repeat NAME ONE LIE HANNITY OR RUSH HAS TOLD! NAME ONE!

  3. I only get bits and pieces of his show and another Obama basher on the radio. This two men are not new journalists. They are very rude to people who call in if they don\’t support their ideals. I was listening one night and one of these two guys was talking with a Senator and the Senator was trying to make a point and he kept getting interuppted. Finally the Senator hung up after telling him if he wouldn\’t let him say what he needed to say there there was no point in continuing with the discussion. The we listen to the host of the show bash this Senator because he hung up.

  4. Louis Mints

    Read the article. It lists in detail many lies.

  5. A true fair and balanced reporter would have told of the falsehoods of Hannity and Keith Oberman. It is amazing that a reporter can call Hannity biased when the reporter is obviously baised.

  6. SpeckleMe

    He thinks Hill and Bill voted for McCain? He is more delusional that I originally thought. He’s just a mouthpiece. I can’t believe Alan has stayed on so long, he finally got wise.

  7. Colmes might as well leave the show. He served no purpose other than making anyone left of Hannity seem like a wuss. He was the pretense of “fair and ballanced” without any significant ballance. A sort of “straightman” to Hannity’s routine, if you will. The only thing that will change with the new Hannity format will be that he’ll have more time per show to spew his psychosis.
    THE DAILY SHOW aired a wonderful goodby tribute to Colmes a few episodes ago.
    It starts about 6 minutes into the show.

  8. SpeckleMe

    hokumboy-that was hilarious, we record Jon every night. I hardly recognized Hall though.

  9. patrick

    Good morning, Am very much enjoying your writings. Have a strong dislike for the fat white crowd of republicans. Slander is there mantra. Keep up the great work.

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