Remember all those scary warnings from wingnuts who said Obama would raise our taxes?


All through last year’s presidential campaign, right-wingers across the fruited plain warned us at every turn (and sometimes in the comments section here at Applesauce) that Barack Obama would raise our taxes if we were foolish enough to put him in the White House.

It was a mantra among these people, no matter Obama’s claims to the contrary on the campaign stump. They said he was a Marxist, a redistributionist, a tax-and-spend liberal who would take money from the pockets of hard-working, God-fearing decent folks and give it to shiftless welfare bums, illegal immigrants and his Islamic terrorist pals.

So what do these alarmists have to say about THIS? (Cue the crickets.)



  1. Mike Carroll

    So Patrick, if his plan calls for across the board cuts in the marginal tax rates , which is what he should do by the way, will you and your buddies in the MSM start screaming about tax cuts for the wealthy?
    Reality arrives in 15 days. Being a Back Bencher could be fun.

  2. I cannot believe that you think Obama will not make any tax increases! You and your silly newspaper connection can’t get anything right. They were told before Blago was elected that they would be sorry for coming out for him. Look what Blago turned into.
    Too bad you retired, they could use more of your crazy ideas.

  3. Jim Rose

    Your blog and opinion pieces are a prime reason as to why your newspaper sales are down and also why your company has had to lay off a good part of its staff.. No one really cares what you think.

  4. Are Bob Ham and Jim Rose the same person? I wonder. In their comments, they both fail to offer any arguments countering the point of my post. Instead, they just diss me and the paper. Pathetic.

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