Senate should seat Burris and move on


After long consideration, I’ve reluctantly concluded that the U.S. Senate should bow to certain legal and political realities and give Roland Burris the seat to which Rod Blagojevich has appointed him.

Yeah, Blago’s a crook, but he’s still the governor of Illinois and still has the authority to make the Senate appointment.

Yeah, Burris is an idiot for accepting the appointment under the circumstances, but idiocy has never been a disqualification for the Senate.

Attorney Miles Mogulescu makes what I consider a GOOD CASE for the Senate ending this ridiculous sideshow by seating Burris and getting on with the people’s business.



  1. They exposed the corrupt Blago and yet can give no good reason to deny Burris my question who are the crooks behind the blocking of Burris Senate appointment, seems to me Blago is in so much hot water because he couldn,t be pushed around by the Washington insiders

  2. swamprat

    Illinois- Where the governors make the license plates.

  3. In the end, Harry Reid is not going to be admired for digging in his heels like this. The Senate should seat Burris ASAP before the situation gets worse. Imagine seeing Burris being escorted to the chamber by Federal officers enforcing and order from Federal district court. Dudess.

  4. Thank you, Senator Feinstein.

  5. Billybeermonicagar

    Once again, swamp hits it out of the park! Good job.

  6. Mr. Baseball

    I have to agree with you Pat. The whole situation stinks, but blocking Burris will only made it worse. Let him serve out the two years and walk away in disgrace. There’s no way he’ll win election in 2010. The real damage here is the distraction it’s caused for President-elect Obama. He has much more important issues to work on.

  7. Craig Knauss

    Impeachment is only an indictment. There also has to be a trial and a conviction to remove someone from office. None of these have been done. Until then, Blago is legitimate, like it or not. And so is his appointment of Burris. Can anyone PROVE that his selection of Burris was tainted? It just may be a perfectly ethical appointment by someone who has apparently (remember, no convictions yet) had ethical lapses. I think Burris should be seated and Sen. Reid should take care of Nevada. That state has enough of its own problems.

  8. I agree with you on this Pat. (what did he say?) Legally, and constitutionally, at this point in time, there is no reason not to seat Burris.

    Coming to the Senate, he has more experience and is more qualified than Caroline Kennedy, Hillary Clinton, and Barack Obama combined.

    But I disagree with Mogulescu’s assessment that Blago “outsmarted US Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald.”

    I would argue, like I have here before, that the reason Blago has not been indicted or even charged with anything yet is because of the way Fitzgerald called time-out when he did, putting a stop to the senate seat sting before Blago had a chance to sell it.

    From what we know, Blago’s actions are unethical. But also from what we know, he hasn’t done anything illegal. Fitzy didn’t give him, and the probable ‘purchaser’ a chance to actually break the law.

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