Should Obama retake the oath of office?


Chief Justice John Roberts screwed up President Obama’s oath of office, and some experts think a DO-OVER is in order.

UPDATE: “Out of an abundance of caution,” as a White House lawyer put it, Obama was sworn AGAIN this afternoon by Chief Justice Roberts.



  1. hokumboy

    I’m sure Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, Bob Ham, and their ilk will go on for the next 4 years about Obama not legally being our President. He should retake the oath if only to shut them up.

  2. SpeckleMe

    But Obama was already the President when he took the oath. Blame it on Roberts who had poor judgement in reciting by memory instead of having it written down. But yes, retake it if only to shut up the idiots. Chris Wallace also comes to mind.

  3. hokumboy

    And now, for all you Conspiracy Theorists on the Left:
    Did Roberts do it on purpose?

  4. Hokumboy,
    “Did Roberts do it on purpose?” I had not considered that. To what purpose? I think the only effect of Obama not having said the words in exactly the correct order is that a few wingnuts, basically the same ones who claimed that Obama could not be president because he was not a citizen, will claim that he is not president because he did not repeat the oath exactly as written. I think the later claim will have about the same effect as the previous one — namely nothing other than to give the wingnuts something to do or say while everyone else ignores them. If it is possible that was an effect Roberts might have wanted to bring about then I guess it is possible he did it on purpose.

  5. hokumboy

    We’ll hear a lot from whackoes for the next 4 years on this one.
    Hell, Hitler and Roosevelt are still living on that tropical island with JFK!

  6. hokumboy

    With Bat Boy!

  7. echo4charlie

    Now, leave BatBoy out of this! He has nothing to do with this!!!!!!!!!

    I’m assuming that this is BatBoy from the World Weekly News……..

  8. thedudeabides

    Yeah! He should retake it on a Quran, because as we all know, he’s secrety a Mooslim.

  9. Craig Knauss

    Maybe they should have a do-over on Robert’s appointment as Chief Justice?

  10. All I can say is “Don’t Roberts Me, Chief!”

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