Was George W. Bush our first Muslim president?


Over at Ask Geo, one of our sister blogs here at rrstar.com, a commenter who calls himself “gowader,” an occasional visitor to Applesauce, had this reaction to news that President Obama granted a long interview to Al-Aribiya, a Middle Eastern outfit (the mispunctuation and misspelling are his):

“What have we been saying all along!!  Obama is a closet Muslem who has a hidden agenda to help destroy conservative America. When will you idiot liberals wake up????”

gowader (he doesn’t capitalize the first letter of his pseudonym) apparently is unaware that George W. Bush granted six interviews to Al-Aribiya during his presidency.

There’s more on the matter HERE.



  1. I agree Pat that simple granting an interview to Al-Aribiya isn’t a big deal. It’s obvious to me (even as a conservative) that he’s simply trying to further his political and foreign policy agenda.

    However, I feel that it was inappropriate that his FIRST interview went there. I feel he should have taken the opportunity to give a few domestic interviews first to help clarify his positions and agenda to out citizenry. “Hope” and “Change” are great buzzwords, but horrid policy statements. Obama, in my opinion, should have taken time to actually outline what his goals are for the first 100 days, first year, etc. Not just use great buzzwords like hope, change, and (ha!) bipartisanship while letting Senate and House allies like House Speaker Nancy Pelosi make statements like “Yes, we wrote the bill. Yes, we won the election.”

    Now I’m not saying that republicans didn’t do some of the same stuff after the “revolution” in the 90’s, but they weren’t claiming to have “bipartisan spirit” and “openness to work together” like the Obama team is.

  2. Intelligent answer Gowader.

    First of all, who cares what TV outlet the president gave his first interview to? There are major issues in the Middle East and if the President can communicate to that region directly and smooth the way for SecState Clinton to jump on those issues, so much the better. He’ll have plenty of time to do lots more interviews.

    Secondly, the President has been working the phones today to get bi-partisan support for the stimulus bill. Despite that, the House Repubs just announced that they’re urging all their members to vote against it. That’s going to work out well for them in 2010.

    All politics aside, the economy is in terrible shape now and there needs to be support on both sides of the aisle to get it jump-started again.

  3. Orlando Clay

    gowader wrote: “Obama is a closet Muslem who has a hidden agenda to help destroy conservative America.”

    Um, Sparky, I don’t quite know how to tell you this, but Obama had nothing to do with “destroy[ing] conservative America.” You did it to yourself, starting with your selection of Dubya to lead you through the wilderness. You gave him eight years to make the nation in your image, and we’re experiencing firsthand how terribly awry that particular experiment went. The sweeping victories by the Democrats in the November 2008 presidential and congressional races were a total and unequivocal repudiation of your failed ideology. You lost big time, and now you’ve got at least the next eight years to deal with it. In the meantime, step aside and let us so-called “idiot liberals” get to work restoring the country to what it was before Clinton handed the keys to Bush.

  4. As I believe in being fair, I tried to report gowader for his comment/attack. However, there doesn’t seem to be a “report” button on here. Where’d it go?

  5. Mr. Baseball

    To the comments that are critical of Obama’s interview, did you listen to it? He said the U.S. is a friend to Muslims but will go after terrorists. What is your problem with that position? I thought it was a great move to make this his first interview. It can only help our image with the rest of the world, especially those countries with large Muslim populations. Would you rather talk or fight?

  6. Craig Knauss

    I have known a fair amount of American and Canadian Muslims. They do NOT hate America. And they have very little sympathy for the radicals. They describe the radicals as nuts, wackos, etc. and consider the radicals to be just as dangerous as the rest of us do. Unfortunately, people like gowader will never figure this, or anything else, out. Of couse, living in a constant state of denial doesn’t help.

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