Gallup poll: 28 percent of Americans like Limbaugh, 45 percent don’t, rest undecided


It says HERE that Rush Limbaugh, the face of Republicanism these days, motivates Democrats against the GOP and alienates independents.

Even one of every four Republicans dislikes El Rushbo.

I’m hoping that the Republican ticket in 2012 will feature Limbaugh and Sarah Palin. But, alas, that’s unlikely.



  1. equalityrkfd=

    100% of Pharmacists like him though!

  2. shawnnews

    You can make a lot of money telling people they are the REAL Americans and blaming others, like the liberals, for the problems in this country.

  3. Orlando Clay

    Hey, how about that, Cons? El Rushbo has a higher approval rating than your beloved Decider-in-chief had on his way out the door at 22%.

    Ooops! Sorry about that Cons…..I forgot that Bush’s approval rating skyrocketed to 24% that last week of his failed administration.

    I got a real kick out of the Maharushie blathering on about “Clinton Family Values” a few weeks back. How rich — a sermon on family values from somebody whose been through three wives already!

    Yet another reason to keep the Fairness Doctrine in mothballs!

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