AP poll: Obama, congressional Democrats and economic stimulus plan all pretty popular


Read it and weep, obstructionists:

Two-thirds of Americans approve of President Obama’s performance in office. A majority approve of the stimulus plan. And a plurality approve of congressional Democrats.

Congressional Republicans? Well, 59 percent disapprove. And 64 percent say the GOPers haven’t done enough to cooperate with the president.

HERE‘s the story.



  1. bob trojan

    Well, if I read this right, here’s what this link said:

    • 52% of Americans approve of the stimulus bill, with 41% disapproving. And the public is confident by a 54%-45% margin that the plan will result in significant improvement.

    • President Obama’s overall approval rating comes in at 67%, with only 24% disapproval. His specific approval on the economy is 68%-27%.

    Note: The Stimulus poll follows exactly with the poll from FOX:: http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,496546,00.html

    Obama’s poll number are actually DECLINING!!
    He’s a great speech giver but a poor leader.

  2. Bob: I don’t follow you. Where’s the evidence that Obama’s poll numbers are actually declining? And how can you say that a guy with a 67-percent approval rating is “a poor leader”? And did you see the poll numbers for congressional Republicans (all of whom opposed the stimulus)? UPDATE: Now I know what you mean when you say Obama’s numbers are down. The Fox poll has him at 60 percent, down from 65. That’s still not too bad, given the crisis the country faces. As for whether Fox’s numbers on Obama are more reliable than those from the Associated Press, who can say? Polls have a tendency to differ a bit, and we also have to consider that all polls have “margins of error” of 3 or 4 percentage points.

  3. Pat, how will judge the stimulus a success or a failure? I am sure you will spin it a success no matter what happens. I am sure you thought Carter was a success.

  4. DingDong: Anything you’re “sure” of is bound to be wrong. The economy and the American people will decide if the stimulus is a success or a failure. You must be upset that it hasn’t worked yet, despite the fact that it’s been a law for two whole days.

  5. See you will not commit. Well, unless your the Taliban, your one of those American people. What is success? How are you going to measure it?

    BTW, for a part-time job, you sure are on here a lot.

  6. I’m on here a lot just to annoy you and your ilk. Besides, the more I preoccupy you, the safer I keep decent folks.

  7. Come on, Bob. That poll in a British paper to which you linked was published more than three weeks ago and measured public reaction to Obama’s first three days in office. The Gallup organization, which conducted that poll, said this: “Obama’s 68% approval score is on the high end of the range of initial job approval ratings Gallup has recorded for the previous eight presidents who were elected to their first term.”

    The most recent Gallup poll on Obama’s approval rating had him at 67 percent, down only one point from three weeks ago, which is well within the poll’s margin of error.

  8. Thanks Pat, I am glad you feel a duty to society. But you still will not answer the question.

  9. I don’t even know what the hell you’re talking about, DingDong. Here’s how this blog works: You don’t have to respond to every post I publish, and I don’t have to jump every time you ask a question. That’s a pretty fair deal, isn’t it? (You don’t have to answer that question.)

  10. Pat,

    The thing is, I am not against the ‘stimulus bill’ because I thought it would be the popular thing to do, I am against it because of principle. I often do things and make rules my children find unpopular, as well as my employees. The same people who are liking it, are the same ones who are in deep, deep financial trouble because they have spent themselves in excess.
    I don’t wish ill of the stimulus, nor of the Obama Presidency. But, I’ll be darned if I can find the logic in how I, my children, or my neighbor will benefit from it. It’s surreal economic policy that I simply don’t recognize. I hope I am wrong and that you dems really DO understand economics……..

  11. What do you mean, you don’t what I am talking about, did you take your meds?

    You said “I’m on here a lot just to annoy you and your ilk. Besides, the more I preoccupy you, the safer I keep decent folks.:” then I responded “Thanks Pat, I am glad you feel a duty to society.” then I added “But you still will not answer the question.” on an earlier post “Pat, how will judge the stimulus a success or a failure?”

    You are constantly posting about how great the stimulus package will be but are unwilling or you don’t have enough common sense to say what is the measure of success.

  12. DingDong: You must have missed it when I responded to you earlier last night with this: “The economy and the American people will decide if the stimulus is a success or a failure.” I haven’t been posting a lot about “how great the stimulus.” Mainly, I’ve defended the stimulus against the falsehoods peddled by its critics — like the crap about ACORN and the preposterous claim that government spending doesn’t create jobs.

  13. No, Pat I read it. But you don’t want to stick you neck out. That statement is a cop out. If you defend the stimulus even when it is not just facts, like nuances of whether all spending is stimulative or that there are no earmarks, you are saying that this will work. If you think it will work how is it measured. Japan took this road for ten years and it did not work. Europe had high unemployment for years as they had increase social spending.

  14. Craig Knauss

    Here’s a question for DingDong: If the stimulus package should actually work and the economy actually does recover, will you, DingDong, have the balls to publicly admit it? Or will you try to give all the credit to Reagan or some other rightwinger? Just curious.

  15. I will admit that I am wrong. I was not wrong about TARP. So if it does not work, you will admit your wrong?

  16. Craig Knauss

    It’s “you’re”, not “your”. And TARP was pushed by Bush, Jr. Remember? And, if the stimulus plan does not work, I will be complaining just as much as you will be. But let’s give it a chance first. I had to give Dubyanonics a chance for 8 years. Now it’s your turn to give the new guy a chance.

    BTW, you do know that almost $8 trillion of our $10.7 trillion national debt was run up during Reagan/Bush I and Bush II’s terms? So much for fiscal conservatism.

  17. echo4charlie

    I didn’t vote for Obama, but he’s only been in office three weeks. Success/Failure just isn’t discernible yet. I don’t fully agree with everything in the stimulus plan, but there is a lot of it I don’t understand, either. Even our legislators don’t fully understand it. Apparently, not many people have even fully read it (even though “fire alarms” have been pulled here and there).

    We’ll see how it goes. The numbers that surround this bill are incomprehensible to me, and I truly feel terrible for the burden of debt and state of our nation that we are passing to our future generations.

    But, the bill is what it is, has been passed, and the train has left the station (from LA to Las Vegas?). We’re in for whatever we’re in for. We put ourselves right where we are (as a nation), and it’s now beyond our control. Our foolishness (as a nation) has created this collapse, and now we’re looking for the quickest, easiest way out. We never seem to learn. Not even from the most painful of lessons.
    And, this will happen again, and again. That’s just the human race.

    I don’t feel good about it, just as many don’t. Especially those of us who are responsible, and have done everything right. We’re still paying the price for the ignorance of those who couldn’t punch numbers into a calculator, and figure out what they could afford within a budget with respect to what they make. You know, live life to the fullest with respect to dollars earned vs. monthly expenditures.

    This is going to sound unfair, but, the mess that we are in is a product of not just ignorance, but stupidity.

    A fun piece from the Onion:

    Liberals Horrified By Lack Of Inexperience Among Obama Appointees

    February 4, 2009 | Issue 45•06

    WASHINGTON—Following Barack Obama’s appointment to his cabinet of several veteran Clinton administration officials and a number of others with extensive backgrounds in their respective fields, former left-wing supporters of the new president expressed shock and outrage at the combined experience and competence of his choices.

    “What we want in a cabinet is the same thing we want in a president: people who spout rhetoric about universal health care, say they were against the war from the start, and have absolutely no experience implementing any policies,” influential liberal blogger Chris Bowers wrote in a post criticizing the nomination of former deputy attorney general Eric Holder for attorney general. “As we sink deeper into a global economic recession and fight the battle against climate change, it is imperative that Obama nominate people who have no idea how to wield power in our massive federal bureaucracy.” Bowers added that liberal Democrats would be comforted if Obama at least changed his mind and decided to name the 34-year-old Bowers or a blogger from Daily Kos secretary of homeland security.

  18. I don’t know how old you are grandpa bubba but I am not that young. TARP was also pushed by the Democrats very hard in congress. Remember Obama and McCain flying back to DC to vote for it. I have no choice but to give him a chance. I did not agree with Bush’s spending policies either. I did not agree with TARP. I consider myself to be conservative and independent in my thinking. I did not say whether it was a success or failure yet but you have to have something to measure it. I don’t them coming back in 6 – 9 months for another one.

    Bush’s spending had a lot to do with increasing entitlements. 9/11, stimulus checks and the badly executed Iraq war.

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