The Republican Party has a ‘No’ problem


Eleanor Clift WARNS that continued Republican obstructionism “could consign the GOP to minority status for a generation.”



  1. Orlando Clay

    While the thought of having the GOP in minority status for a generation is indeed somewhat intoxicating, we don’t dare, as the cliche goes, put the cart before the horse.

    Don’t forget: It was the neo-con wing of the GOP that had visions of a Bush dynasty (8 years of Dubya followed by 8 years of Jeb) once we “cakewalked” into Iraq, overthrew Sadaam, and brought peace, prosperity, and democracy to the entire Middle East.

    We can’t risk falling into the same trap. We need to immediately concentrate on cleaning up the godforsaken mess that Bush left behind. When we pull that off, then we can rejoice at the continuation of the GOP in exile.

  2. Orlando.
    Joe thought today was joke day.

  3. Pat, I don;t agree with Ms. Clift’s “generation” comment. It’s a gamble, and here’s how it works.

    Republicans disagree with Obama on well, just about everything. We’re convinced that not only will his economic ideas not work, but they will only make our current problems dramatically worse. By refusing to “play along”, we put ourselves in a position to do one of two things.

    1) If his ideas don’t work, we get the massive “I told you so” and the ability to campaign that we fought tooth and nail to prevent it, but were simply outvoted my a democratic majority at every turn.

    2) If his ideas do somehow work, then we have ostracized ourselves, and it will take a few election cycles to get enough “new blood” to turn it around.

    It is indeed a gamble, but I think its a good one politically.

  4. shawnnews

    Egyas– When have any Bush economic plans worked? I don’t think the liberals are the voice of reason while conservatives are the voice of falsehood. Blajoevich is a prime example of the hubris that these guys can develop. However, The current Republican philosophy of “supply-side” economics has a complete failure record under both Bushes. Deregulation? Worthless.
    The Republican economic philosphy since Ronald Reagan seems to be that people who already have money can keep all of it, don’t have to pay living wages and don’t have to be subject to government regulations… and boy, you had better be greatful to them for their achievements and the pittance money.
    They also have no business of criticizing the democrats and liberals for bailout packages and crying socialism. Have you heard of corporate welfare? These supply-siders are in bed with corporations for taxpayer money also.
    The democrats need relevant critics– not the people who say they are helping terrorists or who want to replace odd liberal ideas with failed conservative ones.

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