Looks like it’s open season on RINOs


Both major political parties exercise a certain amount of ideological discipline, but the Democrats (with their Blue Dog caucus in Congress) not so much.

Republicans, on the other hand, can get downright hostile about it. The party’s more zealous elements are quick to apply the label “Rino” (Republican In Name Only) to any member who dares show even a modicum of civility toward the dreaded “Demoncrats” or dares stray even a bit from conservative orthodoxy in thought, word or deed.

The bloodletting among GOPers during RINO-hunting season is always fun to watch.  And it looks like we’re in a for a NEW ROUND of it. Goody.

UPDATE: No RINO hunting in THIS CASE, but it’s funny anyway.



  1. Chuck Sweeny

    Neocons like Krauthammer, Bill Kristol, Fred Barnes et al, are just an alternate variety of big government advocates. Instead of using government for domestic policy, they want to use it for empire-building.

  2. The “everyone has the right to conceal carry” part of your beliefs tends to scare me most. Yes, although I do disagree with you on all the others, I suprised even myself by putting that at the head of the list.
    I have neighbors who shouldn’t be allowed to operate a push lawn mower, much less carry a handgun in public. I should hope that if such an ordinance is passed, and I’m sure it someday will, some sort qualifications beyond those to posess a FOID card will be required.

  3. Oooh,
    by “all the others” I meant those in post #3. I’m happy that we agree on the right to choose, gay marriage, evolution and, for as much (or as little) as I understand economic theory, economics.
    I think that anyone who subscribes totally to any one political ideology is no better than a lobotomised lemming

  4. I was watching Rachel Maddow the other night and she said the oddest thing. Her contention was that the reason that California is in the financial mess that it is in is because they have not raise property taxes in years. She was saying that since they use income taxes to do most of their funding,it fluctuates too much. I thought I was going to blow a gasket as I yelled at the TV. Of all things I agree with liberals is that most things should be based on income taxes and not property taxes which are regressive. Someone lives in their home for a long time, pays off their home, then retires, but has to sell it because of property taxes. It is criminal. She does have that NPR sound down pat.

    Hunting is necessary for dear population. We don’t cull enough of them now.

    Most states that have concealed carry require much more training to obtain the license. The police can not be everywhere and most people should be able to defend themselves.

  5. Ding –
    How about a flat tax? I agree, retired folks who have lived a long time in their homes shouldn’t be forced to sell because of the outrageous property taxes around here. I might be wrong, but I think Illinois is the only state without some sort of concealed carry law on the books. I’m not a gun owner, but don’t have a problem with it provided there is a sufficient back round check and training.

  6. Curtis Newport

    I scrolled all the way to the bottom of this page and found a banner ad for Ann Coulter’s weekly column.

    Alas, my time spent in this otherwise useless corner of cyberspace has not been totally wasted.

  7. Henry: I can’t decided what would be better a flat tax or a consumption tax. The reason I like the consumption tax is that we could possibly get rid of the the IRS. My belief is that most taxes should be paid and stay locally. There is no reason we should send money to Washington and then hope to get our money back after whatever is left over from the cost of Washington handling it for us.

    I think there is only one other state that does not have some kind of concealed carry and that is WI. Here is a map of the states that do and don’t have it.


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