Wall Street Journal poll: Most Americans don’t yet blame Obama for ailing economy


 An overwhelming 84 percent of Americans in a new Wall Street Journal/NBC poll SAY the nation’s current economic problems were inherited by President Obama from the Bush administration and are not his fault.

 Varying percentages of respondents said Obama will be held responsible for the recession if it continues another year or two or three. But only 2 percent said he should be blamed after six months in office.

 Broader results of this poll will be released this evening, and I’ll update this post as they become available.

UPDATE: The WSJ/NBC poll SHOWS Obama’s overall approval rating at 60 percent, still strong considering the problems facing the nation.

Two-thirds of respondents view the president favorably and express confidence in his leadership.

The survey also shows that Americans, by a margin of more than 2-to-1, consider Democrats better suited than Republicans to get the country out of the recession.



  1. echo4charlie

    The key word is “yet”. This is America, and we, in this nation, are Americans. We’ll blame him soon enough. Even if he’s not to blame.

    That’s just what we do.

  2. equalityrkfd=

    What amazes me is that with all the wire tapping, etc that Bush and Co did, you think they would have overhead that the economy was tanking or that Maddoff had his sceme going…hmm, must have been on the wrong channel…

  3. DingDong

    Funny, I don’t think they were talking to suspected terrorist overseas.

  4. What’s the matter, Juicy Boy? Do the poll numbers hurt your little right-wing feelings? Are you upset that the American people are mostly ignoring you and El Rushbo and the other crazies who think Mr. Obama is a bad man? Get over it, pal. There’ll be days ahead when the president’s popularity will slip a bit. There’ll be times when he’ll make a few missteps. It happens to all of them. There might even be times when you and your kind will have cause to gloat a little. But it may also turn out that Obama won’t really fail in an overall sense, despite the hopes of some of you pseudo-patriots that he will. Oh, and try to get over your stupid notion that everybody who disagrees with you is on the public dole. If you actually believe that, you’re dumber than I thought you were.

  5. swamprat

    Juice. I believe you were the one playing stock market expert here a few months ago. You said you were loading up as the market always comes back. Well guess what? It is going to keep going down until all the roaches (crooks) GWB allowed to flourish are behind bars. Only then (many years) will anyone want to invest in the market. The individual investor has been burned so bad and sees so much corruption he may never return. How’s that WGOV stock doing that you were pumping?
    And snuss. Remember several months ago, I told you the trap door was going to open on the stock market. It all goes back to GWB’s failed policies and letting the crooks run the system.
    Read “The South Seas Bubble” or “Tulip Mania” and you will see how this ends. The stock market bubble, the housing bubble, and the credit bubble must go back to where they started. They have nothing to do with Obama’s new policies.

  6. The market says something else.

  7. Mike Carroll

    It appears that we have returned to the Clinton years where good governance is determined by poll numbers. Guess what folks, thats backasswords. Govern well and the poll numbers will follow.
    The market has taken a look at the Obama plan and said, No Thank You. Higher taxes on the most productive, higher taxes on business (and we already have the 2nd highest corporate tax rate in the industrialized world behind Japan), a stimulus package which is primarily non-stimulating and government trying to direct the economy. Under Obama’s plan, government spending will achieve European levels as a percent of GDP. Gee, I wonder why the market is uncertain.
    On Inauguration day I woke up in America. I just didn’t realize that I would fall asleep in Sweden.

  8. DingDong

    Pat and all the other dimwits don’t get it. Cap and Trade will be a tax on everyone and everything. Obama even said that “Under my plan of a cap and trade system, electricity rates would necessarily skyrocket”. But what most of you don’t get is that everything requires energy so the price of everything is going to go up. It is a back door tax so that he can say he is still cutting taxes of 95% of Americans.

  9. echo4charlie

    I think America is in for a load of surprises. I don’t think that President Obama plans to collapse our country. I think that he truly believes, as does Congress, that what they are doing is right. But always remember, Congress and our President wouldn’t be pushing these things through if there wasn’t benefit to them, first and foremost.

    Let’s face it. Nobody, still, has really read this thing through (the stimulus plan), and due to months of inaction on the prior administration’s account, things have gotten to a point where everyone was more than happy to catapult this plan into action without having given it the due diligence such an action should receive.

    “We the people” don’t always come first. Our welfare, as a whole, is not top priority anymore. What our politicians can get to “pad” their future comes first. They’ve worked hard to get there, and they want the biggest handful of the most that they can get. Don’t all of us.

    There have been some agenda-based “rewards” doled out under the current stimulus plan. The President and Congress have favors to return. And they are. The whole stimulus plan isn’t one big special agenda spend, but the money considered due in return for political springboarding is buried in there, and is making it’s way to such political party supporters as they see fit to receive such reward.

    It’s that way no matter what your party affiliation is. The end goal of each political party is the same. Don’t get me wrong, nobody is out to collapse America. They just want their cut first. Like Universal Health Care. Right now, insurance companies dictate the cost of medical services and related goods (prescriptions, etc.). Insurance companies take your premium, and then decide what they will pay for medical services with respect to what they view as “customary and reasonable”. Their profit has, for years, been incalculable.

    What happens when Universal Health Care takes over? Instead of the insurance companies hogging all of that (astronomical) profit, the government gets their hands on that money first. Now they set “customary and reasonable charges” as to what they will pay for medical services. But, it won’t be with respect to yours and my best interest, and certainly won’t be not-for-profit.

    Politicians, to include, but not limited to several of the recent cabinet appointees, are less discretionary on their taxes than most blue and white collar Americans. How can these people be so far in arrears on taxes with respect to what they make? Especially when not-for-profit organizations have paid for some of their homes, and huge donations have secured tuition less education for their children, etc.

    I’ve been a bit long-winded, but, I guess my point is: The American citizen doesn’t come first. And, never has.

  10. Mike Carroll

    There is some Hope after all. It seems that even some Democrats have figured out that the Stimulus bill is a bust. From todays WSJ Political Diary-“Rep. David Camp, the ranking Republican on the House Ways and Means Committee, asked the Congressional Budget Office to estimate the economic impact of the new $800 billion stimulus plan. On Monday CBO came back with its astonishing reply: The whole thing is a net long-term negative for the economy.

    CBO does say there will be a “positive near-term effect” over the next couple of years as GDP rises from the deluge of spending and debt. But, the agency adds, “the legislation will reduce output slightly in the long run.”

    The report also says the package of spending could have had a constructive long-term impact only if “it permanently changes incentives to work and save.” Does it? In the words of CBO director Douglas Elmendorf, “the legislation will not” provide any such incentives. And remember: The CBO is run by the Democrats, Mr. Elmendorf was selected by the Democrats, the Democrats can get rid of him if they wish, and even he says the plan will make America poorer.

    We were told by Nancy Pelosi et al. that the bill would fund long-term investments in solar power, weatherizing homes and Amtrak trains that were going to pay dividends for years to come. Just the opposite is true: The debt burden created by the bill will begin to drag down the economy after 2015 by the equivalent of up to 0.2% of GDP per year. Rep. Camp tells me the findings of a depressive economic impact from the stimulus law don’t surprise him: “The small business and investment tax hikes increase the cost of staying in business and creating new jobs.”

    We should note that the CBO comes up with the right finding for the wrong reasons. As Dan Mitchell, the Cato Institute analyst, notes: “CBO’s model is nonsense. In the short run, it assumes deficits are good, based on primitive Keynesianism. In the long run, it assumes the entire economy revolves around deficits, but in the other direction. Deficits are bad [so the model implies] that higher tax rates would be growth-enhancing.”

    Nonetheless, it’s highly disconcerting that even Keynesians say that, in five or six years, we’d be better off without Mr. Obama’s stimulus. In the long run, we may be dead but between now and then, we will be poorer thanks to the stimulus law.”

    — Stephen Moore

  11. DingDong

    Michigan is going to get theirs very soon with the new cap and trade deal.


  12. swamprat

    Juice. You are very wrong my friend. The way you are investing will pretty much guarantee you will be working as a greeter at Walmart in your retirement. You see, I made my money investing in companies with rising stock prices and took the money and ran as people like you flooded the market buying any old company during the last 2 bubbles. 95 % of those companies failed. If you think you are smarter than thousands of investors who are more knowledgeable than you, who are dumping the same stock you are buying, good luck with that system. I learned early on if you invest in the stock market, don’t try to catch a falling knife. The market will correct through the median line (allowing for inflation) drawn from the mid 90’s when the bubble started. And will take many years to recover. When bubbles begin to deflate there is no way to stop them. They will go down to below where they started. The stimulus will help jobs, but the market, housing, credit, and commodities bubbles are toast. They are over.
    By the way. I don’t have to shop at Walmart. But you will. I will have to support you.

  13. Nice smackdown, swamprat.

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