America’s wide-open spaces are mostly red, but places where people live are mostly blue


 A map of the United States colored red in areas where Republican John McCain prevailed in the November election and blue in areas that Democrat Barack Obama carried is misleading.

 The map is mostly red (as we see HERE).

 But a new analysis of the election results shows that Obama carried 55.6 percent (or 242 out of 435) of the nation’s congressional districts.

 In other words, the red areas have more cows and sheep and rocks and stuff while the blue areas have more people.



  1. Orlando Clay

    Pat Cunningham wrote: ” In other words, the red areas have more cows and sheep and rocks and stuff…..”

    “SHEEP” is right! Megadittoes!!

  2. carpentr85

    dont let acorn know about those unregistered sheep and cows

  3. Ah, yes, ACORN. The favorite mantra of Obamaphobes. Not one single fraudelent vote has ever been attributed to ACORN, but that doesn’t deter the conspiratorialists from beating that drum. Give it up, carpentr85. Nobody else is paying any attention. That crap didn’t work during the campaign, and it still doesn’t work. You might as well try Obama’s birth certificate. Or Bill Ayers. Or some other dead-end ruse.

  4. Craig Knauss

    And now for our stupid comment of the day, courtesy of snuss: “Actually, the “sheep” are in the populated areas, where they have been conditioned to rely on government services for everything.” ” Chew on this, snuss: I live in one of those “sheep ranch” areas. The sheep are far-rightwingers that have lived off the government since 1942. Every direction you look, you see more government spending. These clowns get more government spending in this county than some whole states get, and they still whine about “government spending”. Hanford Site, alone, gets about $2 billion per year. Pacific Northwest Lab gets hundreds of millions more each year. And then we have all those other agencies receiving money as well. And these rightwing nitwits whine, whine, whine. It’s a conservative cradle to grave mentality.

  5. carpentr85

    you payed attention that is all that matters. hey pay answer this why did acorn get stimulus money?

  6. Craig: You make a good point. As I’ve mentioned here on many occasions, the red (Republican) states generally get more back in federal spending than they pay in federal taxes, while the reverse is the case for most blue (Democratic) states. Yet, the Republicans are always bitching about wanting the federal government off their backs and about welfare bums, etc., etc. What hypocrites!

  7. carpentr85: How dumb can you get? ACORN got NO stimulus money. Why do you believe all those right-wing lies you hear? You can’t show me evidence that ACORN got one single dime in stimulus money.

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