Obama pens editorial for papers around the world


  An editorial by President Obama calling for global economic cooperation is RUNNING TODAY in 31 papers around the world.



  1. Mike Carroll

    “As we go forward, we should embrace a collective commitment to encourage open trade and investment, while resisting the protectionism that would deepen this crisis.”
    Too bad his actions don’t correspond with his rhetoric.

  2. Mike Carroll

    Pat-Did you miss Mexico slapping tariffs on 50 American products last week in retaliation for the Obama administration suspension of the program allowing Mexican trucks (all 97 of them) to transport goods in the US. The administration managed to violate NAFTA and anger our largest trading partner all in the interest of protecting Teamsters. Sort of looks like a return on investment regarding campaign contributions doesn’t it. Change we can believe in.

  3. Mike Carroll
  4. Mike: Actually, the tariff covers 90 products. But I think the administration’s strategy here is to cut some better kind of deal. I’m betting that the whole thing will be resolved soon. This isn’t another Smoot-Hawley problem.

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