The stupid, it burns!




  1. Before somebody asks me about the meaning of the headline on this post, let me explain. As I understand it, “The stupid, it burns” is a phrase that originated among fantasy gamers (“Dungeons and Dragons” and such) and refers to a line from “Lord of the Rings.” In any event, it’s a wildly popular expression on the Internet, as we see here: http://www.google.com/search?sourceid=navclient&ie=UTF-8&rlz=1T4GGIH_enUS312US312&q=%22the+stupid+it+burns%22+

  2. Optimistic1

    No problem on the headline Pat.

    I am curious why all of a sudden using Paul Krugman to back up your agenda is now uncool? 7 posts using Krugman as a reference in the last few months, and now Krugman is dead to you? Have anything to do with his latest opinions or have you two had a falling out?

  3. Opto1: I still have a lot of respect for Krugman, and I’m not ignoring him. Quite the opposite. Just the day before yesterday I posted notice here of his disagreement with Geithner on the bank plan, and I put up a video that sings Krugman’s praises. See this:

    And just this morning, for the sake of variety, I posted a piece from a guy who disagrees with Krugman on the Geithner plan. See this:

    So, no. I’m not ignoring Krugman.

  4. Optimistic1

    I saw those other posts, but noticed you seemed to have switched tones. Mr. Krugman lost his usual “Nobel Laureate” title in the last few posts that you normally indulge him with when he is backing up your points. Now, you use Wash Post Columnist Pearlstein to argue against Nobel Laureate Krugman? Can Pearlstein name some supreme court decisions or see Russia from his home state?

    Wikipedia’s take on Pearlstein:

    “Pearlstein has received heavy criticism for reversing his position several times on the 2008 economic crisis, each time viciously attacking anyone who would hold an opposing position. Pearlstein dismissed his critics as “bloggers”.[5] It is important to note that Pearlstein has no education or formal training in economics.”

  5. Optimistic1: I’m just mixing it up a bit. I’m not using Pearlstein to argue against Krugman any more than I was using Frank Rich on Sunday to argue against Obama. Just mixing it up. You’re making a big deal out of nothing. Liberals sometimes disagree among one another, just as conservatives sometimes do.

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