The tragic disintegration of Michael Barone’s mind


 Conservative pundit Michael Barone (above) is of the opinion that Republicans are “normal Americans…married white Protestants,” while Democrats, mostly “blacks and white seculars,” are “not normal.”

 Michael Benen laments Barone’s idiocies in THIS PIECE (which is worth your while despite a few typos).



  1. Mike Carroll

    Michael Barone has been one of the more thoughful commentators over the last few years so I am curious as to why the article (I assume its an article) that contain those comments was not linked. I’ll reserve comment until I see the context.
    Of course, I’m certain no Liberal would ever misrepresent the views of a Conservative by taking them out of context but still prudence dictates further examination.

  2. Mike Carroll

    I should also add that sometimes people say things that come out in ways that they don’t intend. Special Olympics and bowling come to mind.

  3. Mike Carroll: The Michael Bennen piece to which I linked has a link to the Michael Barone piece. I’ll save you the indirect route with this:

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