WaPo/ABC poll: Americans more optimistic, don’t blame Obama for economic problems


 There’s GOOD NEWS for President Obama in a new Washington Post/ABC News poll.

  The percentage of Americans who think the country is heading in the right direction has tripled since Obama took office. Two-thirds of respondents approve of his overall job performance, and six in 10 give him passing grades on his handling of the economy.

 UPDATE: More encouraging news for Obama in a new CNN poll SHOWING that more than 80 percent of Americans think he’ll do a good job representing the United States in his first trip abroad.

 Seventy percent of respondents said they believe leaders of other countries respect Obama. At the same juncture in George W. Bush’s presidency eight years ago, only 49 percent of Americans believed that foreign leaders respected him.

POSTSCRIPT: I can only imagine (with great delight, mind you) how frustrating polls like these must be to that peculiar minority of Americans known as Obamaphobes.

 All their blather about socialism, teleprompters, birth certificates and what-not has so far come to naught.

 And to think that it was just last week that some of these poor saps were so excited (for about 10 minutes) at prospects of a poll purporting to show that Obama’s popularity had declined precipitously. But, alas, that poll turned out to have been based on bogus methodology and made barely a ripple when it was released. (See HERE.)

 Yes, there’s a great sense of schadenfreude at Applesauce World Headquarters this morning. I might even treat myself to lunch at the finest restaurant in town.



  1. carpentr85

    as far as those poll numbers. wapo/abc as of 1-13/16-09 =/- 3% 19% right 78% wrong. 3-26/29-09 42% right 57% wrong. as for the triple effect i am not sure where you get that at pat. also when bush left office the poll numbers were down, with obama taking office did you think they would stay that way? they had to come up to a certain point we all knew that. but the question is are the going up any farther.

  2. carpentr85

    my source for that info is pollingreport.com

  3. Mike Carroll

    Now if only you could convince Presidential Historians that good poll numbers equate with Good Governance we could start prepping Mt. Rushmore for a new addition.

  4. Mike: Good poll numbers equate with political capital, and political capital can equate with good governance. A president with low poll numbers usually finds his effectiveness severely diminished. I’ll leave considerations about Mt. Rushmore to nutcase Reagan-worshippers like Grover Norquist. I’m more concerned with the here and now, and I’m encouraged by Obama’s strong standing with the American public — especially in light of all the garbage that’s been thrown at him by his conservative critics. Sooner or later, it’s going to occur to Republicans that cooperation with Obama, or at least civil discourse with him, is in the country’s best interest — and their’s, too. So far, they’ve just busied themselves with destructive rhetoric — oh, and great worry about whether they’ve offended their leader, El Rushbo.

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