Dems charge GOPs with hit and run




  1. glen bradford

    The fact that you posted this leads me to believe that you agree with it’s message. If this is correct I have to conclude that you don’t believe in the truth, and feel that corruption, slander and ying is OK as a means to an end (as Saul Alinsky taught) in the communist tradtion.

    Free Speech Forever! You however, need to Shut Up, your panty-waste is showing. LOL

  2. Uh-oh. Glen’s not much at spelling, but he knows a commie when he sees one, and he’s got me cold. You’re right, Glen. I’m known as Comrade Cunningham in our cell. (It’s got a nice alliterative ring, doesn’t it?)

    But there’s a couple of things about Glen’s comment that strike me as….well, just plain wrong. He says I “need to Shut Up.” No, Glen. you WANT me to shut up. I feel no NEED to shut up. You NEED to pay closer attention to my brilliant musings on this blog. You could learn a thing or two.

    Another problem with Glen’s comment is that he implies that the message in the video I posted is somehow dishonest. But, as is typical of conservative folks like Glen, he doesn’t state exactly which parts of the message are not true.

    C’mon, Glen. Tell us where we went wrong. But use a dictionary next time. Your spelling and syntax and such set a bad example for our other Applesauce readers.

    Have a nice day.

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