Letterman yucks it up with O’Reilly, calls him a goon, disses Fox News




  1. Yeah and if you see the whole show (not just this bit) Bill put Letterman in his place too.

    Letterman even admitted his own mother won’t watch his show.

    She would rather watch Jay Leno instead!

  2. Well, if Letterman’s mom doesn’t watch her own son’s show, I guess that means that O’Reilly’s not the idiot he seems to be. Thanks, roger, for clearing that up.

  3. carpentr85

    its so funny letteman could make a crack about bush but he couldnt say anything about joe bidens daughters coke problem

  4. carpentr: You must be referring to this bit of phonus balonus, which even most right-wing outlets have shunned:

    But more to the point, carpentr, what does Biden’s daughter have to do with Letterman’s interview with O’Reilly? Nothing.

    A more appropriate question (but still mostly irrelevant) would be why O’Reilly didn’t mention his own sex scandal in his discussion with Letterman. (You can read about that scandal here:

    Your comment here, carpentr, is no better than that nonsense you tried to peddle last week about ACORN getting stimulus money, which is patently untrue. You have a tendency to pick up little nutcase talking points on the Internet and then trumpet them as great scandals. You’re pretty gullible.

  5. Milton Waddams

    Setup or not, doesn’t make it ok. She still was snorting cocaine. The fact that the “videographer” bought it really isn’t the point. Smoking some pot is one thing, but come on, this girl really isn’t that defensible. She probably doesn’t have a “coke problem”, but she definitely has some problems.

  6. “A more appropriate question (but still mostly irrelevant) would be why O’Reilly didn’t mention his own sex scandal in his discussion with Letterman.”

    I agree with a lot of what Bill says and does but far from all of it.

    But to be honest he has brought it up in the past.
    Several times, so why keep bringing it up.

    Also it was found to be untrue.

    Some of the sex scandals are true but a lot are nothing more than some one trying to get at some one who has money.

    Cheap law suits with hopes of getting rich at some one elses expense.

    Unforcanatly people will say things that are untrue with out any thought on what it can do to the persons life and I don’t just mean Bill.
    This happens to many people who have done nothing.

    There is a lot of slander that goes on. Maybe we need a law that goes after the slanderers and their unfounded law suits.
    Make them pay the court back for wasting their time and tax payer money.

  7. Milton: Where’s the proof that she was snorting cocaine? I’m not saying she wasn’t, but I’ve seen nothing that amounts to good evidence.

    Why haven’t the media been all over this story? They’ve never shied from covering scandals involving children of famous people. In fact, there was a big media splash when Biden’s daughter was arrested seven years ago for shouting at a Chicago cop. Her dad was a mere senator at the time. One would expect an even bigger fuss now that he’s vice president. And it may turn out that the media will jump on this story, but they haven’t yet.

    Again, I’m not saying that the young woman wasn’t using coke, but I’m going to have to see better evidence than we’ve seen so far.

    And, of course, my point in the argument we’re having in this thread is that Biden’s daughter has absolutely nothing to do with Letterman’s interview with O’Reilly.

  8. Orlando Clay

    For those of you “pinheads” who believe in O’Reilly, Beck, and the Easter Bunny, watch if you dare, for you are about to enter the REAL No-Spin Zone, free of loofahs and falafel:


  9. Milton Waddams

    I was under the impression that there was a video. If there isn’t, then I retract what I said.

  10. Yeah sure Keith Olbermann is one of the biggest idiots out there.

    He even lost his email address for a while for replying to some woman telling her to F. off.

    I’m not defending Bill but there is no way I would believe anything from this idiot Olbermann.

  11. Milton Waddams

    Ok, then what I said stands. If there is a video of her snorting coke on camera, even if the video was a complete setup in that the camera was hidden and the guy bought the coke, SHE did the snorting, and as a result how the video was obtained isn’t the issue.

  12. carpentr85

    you need to see more evidence pat because shes a democrat, now if she were a republican it could just be here say and to you its the truth. the thing about acorn if certain republicans hadn’t said anything acorn would have received stimulus money. the whole thing about non profits receiving money was put in there just so things like acorn receiving money could happen

  13. carpentr: There was never any money for ACORN in the stimulus bill — even before Republicans started spreading the lie that there was. And you can’t prove otherwise. You bought into the lie because you wanted it to be the truth — just as you want every lie you hear about Obama to be the truth. You’ll never be happy unless Obama fails, even if it hurts the country. I can read you like a book, carpentr. I’ve known self-righteous, right-wing characters like you all my life. They all pretend to be more patriotic than thou, more decent and moral than thou. But keep it up. I find it entertaining and challenging. Without guys like you, life would be so dull.

  14. carpentr85

    acorn is a non profit there was a certain amount of money set aside for non profits. you know as well as i the only reason they worded it that way is to make it possible for non profits like acorn to be able to get that money. you also know that obama was involved with acorn. or are you rejecting that as well

  15. Craig Knauss

    carpentr85 says, “acorn is a non profit there was a certain amount of money set aside for non profits.” Assuming that you are even remotely correct, for a change, just how much is Acorn getting? Is it more than Red Cross? More than Catholic Charities? More than Salvation Army? More than ASPCA? Please be specific.

  16. carpentr85

    i dont know how much money they are getting. the point is that they are an organization that is being investigated in at least 5 states for voter fraud and you libs must think its ok to give them taxpayer money by the way you are talking. i dont care if it were the salvation army if the are doing fraudulent things they shouldnt receive anything. i also commented on the fact that your dear leader was involved with them or is that a big hoax as well.

  17. bannernews

    ACORN is getting no money from the stimulus bill. Most of the 5 billion in the Stim Bill is for housing rehabilitation. ACORN has never applied for that money. Check factcheck.org. ACORN is not being investigated for voter fraud. Some ACORN contract employees have been investigated for alleged voter registration fraud. ACORN has never been charged with voter fraud. Try factcheck.org for thta also.

    Use the interent to research things. Its not that hard.

  18. Craig Knauss

    Carpentr85, wake up. There are a whole s— pile of non-profit organizations. (My wife works for one.) They are NOT all getting money. If they all did, they’d probably get about 10 cents each. DO YOU HAVE ANY PROOF WHATSOEVER THAT ACORN IS GETTING ANY STIMULUS MONEY? If not, give it a rest. Next time do a little research first.

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