Stephen Colbert hilariously exposes Glenn Beck as a fake or a nutcase


 For technical reasons I’m not going to explain here, my link to this clip from “The Colbert Report” is indirect (but well worth your bother).

 Just click HERE and scroll down past the text to the video of the guy in the gas mask. It’s eight minutes of brilliant political satire — and a devastating indictment of Glenn Beck as a fraud or a madman.



  1. snuss: To whom do you refer? Me or Stephen Colbert? Either way, the assessment that Beck is a fraud or a nutcase is irrefutable. He’s a guru to the gullible, a leader of the clueless and a rouser of the rabble. So, you’re probably a big fan of his, right?

  2. hokumboy

    I have to admire Colbert for his saying “The 9-12 project is not for families directly affected by 9/11, just people building their careers on it” . It needed to be said. Beck is the worst kind of opportunist. The kind that plays on human tragedy of others for their own benefit.

  3. I watched the video… It’s interesting how Colbert never actually challenges any of Beck’s statements or ideas intellectually; he just makes fun of him, shows some funny clips of him, and then makes fun of him some more. In a nutshell, Colbert is telling us that we can’t trust Beck’s ideas because he’s a nutcase. Unfortunately for Colbert, you can’t make a sound argument against an idea by attacking the person the idea came from. That’s a logical fallacy known as “argumentum ad hominem” (arguing against the person). The truth is that ideas stand on their own merit, regardless of who or where they came from. I figured all you intelligent, highly-educated, well-informed types who watch a guy on Comedy Central for their news ought to know that already, but you’ve managed to surprise me again. 😉

  4. Nate Legue

    It’s interesting how Colbert never actually challenges any of Beck’s statements or ideas intellectually

    Actually, the video does show that while Beck wants to wrap himself in the flag and start this movement recapturing the nation’s solidarity after the 9-11 attacks, he’s been willing to disparage those most affected by it. Seems kinda hypocritical to me…

    That, and it makes fun of Glenn Beck’s screwy antics. But Pat, Beck is NOT a nutcase. He’s laughing the whole way to the bank.

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