Homeland Security warns of lefty radicals, too


 I had a post yesterday, you may recall, about a WARNING from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security regarding right-wing radicals, and I implied my concern that civil liberties might be trampled.

 Well, it turns out that DHS has issued a warning about left-wing radicals, too. But the piece from the conservative Washington Times to which I linked in yesterday’s post downplayed the lefty angle — presumably to stir up right-wing charges of ideological bias on the part of the Obama administration.

 Steve Benen has more on the matter HERE.

 UPDATE: It says HERE that the DHS reports on right-wing and left-wing radicals were requested by the Bush administration but only recently completed.

 UPDATE II: The conservatives who are now up in arms over the DHS reports on extremists were nowhere to be head when THIS came to light a few years ago.



  1. Yeah and they said our war vets are a big threat to.
    That is wrong to attack the military who have defended this country.

  2. DingDong

    Pat: Like the Media Matters and Huffington Post, your bunch of idoits. The left wing one is about cyber attacks titled “Leftwing Extremists Likely to Increase Use of Cyber Attacks over the Coming Decade” and is somewhat different in its approach. I skimmed both documents and it is a different story when in come to the “rightwing”. They are more specific in the groups that they are talking about on the left, while on the right, they use a much broader brush.

  3. Roger: Nobody’s attacking the military, but we all remember that patriotic war vet Timothy McVeigh.

  4. Pat yes there was a comment from some one in DHS that made that exact statement.

    You want to remeber one out of millions.

  5. The Obama administration has issued a chilling warning to US police forces about the threat of a rise in violent rightwing extremist groups fuelled by recession, the return of disgruntled army veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan,

  6. hokumboy

    Come on guys,
    I’m a vet and I’ve no desire to blow up anybody!

    Oh god! I’m Catholic too! (sorta)
    And Irish.
    And German.
    And Liberal.
    And a gun owner.
    Geeez, I guess I actually DO qualify for something in one catagory or another.

    Let’s face it. There’s wacko’s in every walk of life. And normal folks too.

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