Red State Update on the tea parties

The last few seconds of this dialogue are the best:




  1. snuss: “Proud” is not the word we’re looking for here. The woman’s not my daughter or my sister or anyone else in whom I’m going to take “pride.” No, I’m not “proud” of this. Nor do I agree with most of what she says. See, I’m very forthright about that — unlike you, who, just a week or so ago, refused to take issue with that creepy caller on C-SPAN who referred to Obama by race. You called my objections to this guy’s language mere “whining about minutae” and “racial nit-picking.” You’re a beauty, snuss. Racism seems never to offend you. When it arises, you always try to change the subject or make excuses for it. In that video to which you linked above, Janine Garofalo was unfair in suggesting that all the tea-partiers were were white racists. Not all, or even most, Obamaphobes are white racists. But all white racists are Obamaphobes. And they seem never to offend you.

  2. snuss misquotes me with this: “Pat sez: ‘Obamaphobes are white racists.'”

    What I actually said was this: “Not all, or even most, Obamaphobes are white racists.”

    snuss is dishonest. Hence, there’s no point in me responding to any future comments he makes on this blog.

    So, go ahead, snuss. You’re free to peddle any lies you want without correction from me (unless, of course, you libel somebody or violate our rules of decency, in which case you’ll be banned forever).

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