Militia march on Washington on July 4th?


 I seriously doubt that it will happen, but there’s a lot of buzz on the Net today about a massive march of armed militia types in Washington on the 4th of July.

 (Here’s ONE of the many skeptical posts on the matter.)

 The putative organizers, an outfit called the Ohio Militia, say they’re hoping to draw a million participants.

 Yeah, good luck with that. There won’t be one-tenth of one percent of a million, if this thing comes off at all. And they won’t be armed.

 The motivation behind this movement, of course, is the insane fear among these bedwetters that big bad Barack Obama is going to take their guns away.

 Isn’t it ironic that these self-styled men’s men live such fear-filled lives? They dress up in their pretend fatigues and fantasize about shooting at all the things that make them so afraid.

 Deep down, they’re weenies, and they know it, and they hate themselves for it.

 POSTSCRIPT: Note the misspelling of what is intended to be the word “you’re” on the militia poster.



  1. Orlando Clay

    Pat Cunningham wrote: “The motivation behind this movement, of course, is the insane fear among these bedwetters that big bad Barack Obama is going to take their guns away”

    LOL! Now that you mention it, soiling his underwear is exactly how Ted Nugent dodged the draft!

  2. Billybeermonicagar

    Weenies and bedwetters–sounds like someone is having flashbacks of his youth.

  3. Hey, Juice. You ought to go this event. It’ll be all European-Americans. Your kind of people. Take your white hood with you.

  4. hokumboy

    Why is it that so many of the folks who wave the flag so passionately in their old age never seemed to get around to serving under it in their youth?

  5. hokumboy

    As creepy as the thought of this march is, I did have to laugh a bit at the improper use of “your”.
    I sometime think that loading a weapon is the apex of the right wing extremist’s abilities. Then I remember the Murrah Bldg.

  6. Juice: By your own admission, you don’t have personal pride in America, not the real America. You have pride only in European-Americans, to use your term, but not even all of them, either.

    For example, tens of millions of white voters cast ballots for Obama last fall. Do you have pride in them? Not likely. Not if they voted for a man who’s only half white. We know how you feel about that kind of thing.

    Don’t forget, Juice, you’ve already told us that you “have no respect for any” black folks, and that you think that “92% of blacks will never support conservative principles like personal responsibility.” So, you’re proud of only eight percent of black Americans, at the most.

    In the final analysis, Juice, you’ve got a lot of nerve claiming to be patriotic, in light of your blatant racism. That stuff is un-American, and true patriots are ashamed that this country includes people like you.

    Oh, you’ve got a right to be a racist. But you don’t have a moral right to claim pride in America. America is better than you and doesn’t want or need your pride.

    The only reason I allow you to continue peddling your filth on this blog is that you’re a convenient foil, a great example of the evils of racial hatred.

    It’s my guess, or at least my hope, that most of our other conservative visitors here are embarrassed by you. They may find common ground with you on a few issues, but I expect that they consider your attitudes on race to be ugly and repulsive. If they don’t, I pity them as much as I pity you.

  7. If they were truly patriotic, they’d do what they could to show the rest of the world that America is intelligent and learn how to spell the word “you’re”.

  8. snuss: The “white hood” remark is based on Juice’s record of blatantly racist remarks on this blog. (See comment No. 8.) I have NEVER claimed that disagreement with Obama automatically makes one a racist, so please stop suggesting that I have. You have absolutely no evidence to support such suggestions. My criticism of Juice’s racism is well-founded, as the quotes from his past comments will attest.

  9. DingDong

    I checked this out and most of what I have seen has to do with just a normal march. Of course you going to have you fringe elements out there but it is not the majority.

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