Obama tells Repubs to play ball on health care or get left out of the process


 Looks like President Obama is FED UP with reaching out to congressional Republicans only to get his hand slapped in petty partisanship.

 Obama is telling the GOPs that they won’t be able to use a Senate filibuster to block health-care reform.

 UPDATE: Here’s ANOTHER TAKE on the same subject.



  1. Orlando Clay

    More bad news for the GOP, courtesy of the AP:

    “NEW YORK (AFP) – Republican hopes of an early electoral resurgence against President Barack Obama took a blow Friday when the party’s candidate in a tight New York congressional race conceded defeat.
    The special election for the seat held by Democrat Kirsten Gillibrand — who filled Hillary Clinton’s US Senate spot after she was appointed Obama’s secretary of state — was seen as a test of Republican ability to overcome last year’s electoral drubbing and loss of the White House.”

    Well, Cons, you can shave a few more percentage points from Boss Limbaugh’s accuracy rating. He missed again.

    Funny how the immense “talent on loan from God” doesn’t include the ability to prognosticate with infallibility.

    Are you guys really sure you can’t wait for 2010 to roll around?

    Apparently you guys enjoy being on the outside looking in!

  2. Billybeermonicagar

    I am not so sure we want to turn health care completely over to the dopes in Washington. Look at the great job they have done with medicare, medicade and social security.

  3. DingDong

    Billy, you are trying to have common sense, but most liberals believe more government is always the answer. Most things that the government tries to run for the average person has been done poorly. Government should be making policy and regulation, and little as possible of that, not trying to run peoples live to the micro level.

  4. Actually, BillyBeer, Social Security is the most successful and most popular welfare program in the history of the world, and only needs relatively minor tweaking to remain solvent for generations to come.

  5. Billybeermonicagar

    Pat, you are correct in calling Social Security a welfare program. But don’t tell anyone recieving benefits that. They will likely have a large hissy fit. What do you think a ‘rich’ retired Dem or Repub what say when told they were receiving welfare payments. You would think the word social would tip them off.

  6. BillyBeer: Two things:
    1) I know SS recipients generally don’t like the “welfare” tag, but that’s what it is. Typically, the money a person pays into the system — plus interest — is used up in six or seven years of payments. After that, you’re getting other people’s money.

    I’m an SS recipient myself, and I don’t resent the “welfare” label. Call it what you want, I’ll still take the money every month, thank you very much.

    2) This piece on SS is four years old, but the points it makes are still germane: http://www.brynmawr.edu/emeritus/gather/Duboff.html

  7. Billy and Ding –

    Millions of people don’t make enough to pay for health insurance. That is o.k. with you guys?

  8. Billybeermonicagar

    Henry, Millions of people choose to pay for things other than health insurance. That is fine with me.

  9. Rationed health care is on its Way.

  10. bannernews

    Health care is already rationed by insurance companies.

    Just check out your statements from doctor, clinic, etc. Check your policy closely for the limits it covers and the procedures your insurer will or wil not cover.

  11. Henry:

    I know many young people that think taking their employer offered health insurance is too expensive. But they have cell phones, I-Pods, satellite radio, GPS in the car, etc. Some let their teeth literally rot in their mouth. I’d rather go without all the toys and be healthy.

  12. Yep, those darn ipods are keeping millions of Americans (including many families) from affording health insurance.

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